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Should You Blog Only In A Particular Niche?

Podcast #18 by Sam Hobden

As you know my blogging theme for the past decade has been about horses and the countryside. And this subject matter is one I love and am very passionate about. But should you write “off-piste” from your niche including this on your blog? Will this put off your audience and following?

Sam Hobden discusses this topic in Haynet’s latest podcast chatting about the pros and cons of writing about what interests you and whether this is a good thing or not.

Please also come and check out Haynet’s Podcast Library which is filling with advice from Rhea Freeman and Sam Hobden on all aspects of rural social media marketing.  So kick off your wellies and plug yourself in!

Haynet Podcast #18


  • Martine

    Very interesting Sam. As you know, I’ve struggled with the direction of Tails From Provence right from the start. Was it an expat blog or a horse blog? I kept it chiefly horsey from about year 2, but after a couple of years, I felt I was just regurgitating the same old posts. In fact, I remember thinking that I could probably just repost old posts and no-one would notice!
    That’s what caused my big hiatus last year, I think – the feeling that I no longer had anything new to say. So I’m back blogging quasi-regularly again, but in a much more general way, with my newfound confidence in my art starting to take centre stage! Your podcast makes me feel like I’m not making a mistake – we change, our objectives change, so our blogs will change to reflect this.

  • Haynet Admin

    Thanks for your super comment Martine! I think we all evolve and have new interests as the years go by and it would be I think very stale to constantly stick to one topic. So yes I think you can write about anything you enjoy or have a view about and I also feel this will naturally fall into the parameters of your interest anyway. I always seem to head back to the horsey topic at some point! Since writing about other topics my engagement actually is improving rather than dropping off which I feared would happen. So with a mix of topics on your blog page surely opens out an audience and that is a good thing :0)