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Haynet Podcast is a must listen for any equestrian or countryside blogger that enjoy listening to writing and marketing within this industry. Social Stable owner Samantha Hobden who is a freelance content marketer and Rhea Freeman, a well known business coach within rural marketing and PR,  aim to bring their knowledge, humour, and opinion to topics that will help you within the areas of blogging and equestrian business.

They exchange questions with each other, recording their answers and views through podcasts with the aim to help business owners and bloggers within the rural industry.

So if you are on the go, grab your headphones or kick off your wellies, make a cup of tea and listen to Rhea and Sam share their opinions, observations in the hectic rural world.


The equestrian industry can be a tough place to be. So is business within the equine sector in better shape than five years ago? Rhea Freeman gives us her thoughts…


Have you ever thought about blogging? Sam Hobden talks on this podcast about what the best platform is to start blogging particularly through the equestrian and countryside industry.


There are so many social media platforms these days, but which one is best to work from to promote your rural business? Rhea Freeman discusses her thoughts on the best platforms for businesses in the equestrian and countryside industry in our podcast.


Blogging is everywhere on social media now in all sorts of niches. So what makes a good blogger asks Sam Hobden, especially in the equestrian and countryside industry. Come and listen to her thoughts…


For many businesses, Christmas is the busiest and crucial time of year financially. Making your rural business stand out in social media is vital in making sure your clients take time to do their Christmas shopping online with you. Rhea Freeman gives her advice on making sure your business is socially seen in this latest podcast.


Using hashtags is vital when sharing your content on social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. Sam Hobden discusses in this podcast how the #HorseBloggers hashtag can make your equestrian content gallop that bit further!


Entering into a new year in the fast and changing social media world, what trends should you be on the look out for in 2018? Rhea Freeman gives her predictions in this podcast.


With the rise of the blogger over the last few years, many are now classed as influencers and rural brands are waking up to working with them through social media. Sam Hobden discusses what makes an influencer and why does it matter in this podcast.


If you are an equestrian business and you haven’t visited BETA International before, then Rhea Freeman explains why you should go! Listen to her top tips and how to make most of your visit in this podcast.


Video is huge in social media and not to be ignored. Sam Hobden discusses why we should be using video in our content even for the camera shy in this podcast.


Sometimes marketing plans and strategies need extra input when it comes to social media. Rhea Freeman gives her thoughts on why you should consider using a business coach to help you in this podcast.


We all have phases where we can lose motivation with our content and especially when it comes to blogging. Sam Hobden discusses how to keep motivated and get your writing mojo back when it comes to content in this podcast.


Competitions on social media are extremely popular and can be very beneficial for your rural business. Rhea Freeman explains how to go about running a competition through social media correctly and effectively in this podcast.


Rebranding takes time, planning and thought in any business. Sam Hobden discusses how to avoid mistakes when rebranding, especially within rural business in this podcast.


Social media is huge and you cannot ignore engaging with your clients through social platforms with your rural business. If you think that this is an area that needs improving, Rhea Freeman gives her ideas on how to help in this podcast.


Blogging through a social network, particularly Facebook is on the rise. But can blogging in this way be taken seriously? Sam Hobden discusses the pro and cons of writing blog content solely through a social network in this latest podcast.


Most businesses will have a budget when it comes to promoting their brand through social media. With the ever changing face of our social media networks, Rhea Freeman discusses in Haynet’s latest podcast where to invest your money when it comes to social media marketing.


As you know my blogging theme for the past decade has been about horses and the countryside. And this subject matter is one I love and am very passionate about. But should you write “off-piste” from your niche including this on your blog? Will this put off your audience and following? Sam Hobden discusses this topic in Haynet’s latest podcast chatting about the pros and cons of writing about what interests you and whether this is a good thing or not.


Writing a blog can be a big commitment and sometimes we may feel we are not posting enough or perhaps posting too often! So what is the happy medium in sharing your content through your website and social media pages?

Sam Hobden discusses this topic in Haynet’s latest podcast and how often you should be writing on your blog and promoting it through your social media pages whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned writer.

About Haynet

Haynet is a leading equestrian and countryside blogging directory, telling your stories from the stables to the fields. If you love living in the countryside, riding your horse, farming the fields or walking your dogs through the woods – then you will feel right at home here!

Haynet is also the host of the Countryside Blogger of the Year Award celebrating top class bloggers within the industry. We are also the founder of the #HorseBloggers channel and the host of #RuralBloggers, a dedicated network to share countryside related content, engaging with the rural blogging community. Working also with equestrian and rural companies, Haynet brings you all the views, news and latest products that you will find of interest.

So grab a cuppa, kick off your wellies and enjoy reading from the countryside!


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