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Having horses, dogs and living in the countryside isn’t cheap, so with all the gear you need to enjoy this passion it is sometimes good to know where to spend and where to save!

Here on Haynet we review through our bloggers some of the latest products that come on to the market and test these out for readers to see if it’s worthy to them opening their purse…

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Think Fly® Spray – A Review

With the miserable wet winter now a distant memory, the days are getting warmer which is very welcome for any horse owner. Sunny days however brings the flies out in droves which brings agitation to most horses and ponies. The horse fly spray market is a large one and all horse owners look for a spray which is long lasting, effective, pleasant smelling and gentle on the purse. Devon-based nutritional equine specialist Brinicombe Equine have recently launched a new fly spray that takes a scientific approach to deter flies and other parasites. Think Fly Spray® is a natural, organic spray, and part of the successful range of Think products for horse owners and breeders. Alison, a horse owner from East Sussex recently used a review bottle of Think Fly® Spray and here are her thoughts on the product: “As a 100% natural organic insect repellent, I was keen to see if it would be effective against midges and flies in the recent hot weather. It boasts of being long lasting and it is true to say that you can still smell the product after 24 hours. The smell is strong but it is not unpleasant. Flies did not seem to be a problem after application but the effect on midges seemed to be disappointingly short lived. The nozzle is a slightly different pump design to the sprays I have had before, it is a trigger. It is much nicer to use and did not get blocked at all with the product.  I would definitely use Think Fly® Spray later in the season, especially when the flies are more of a problem.”  With thanks to Alison for the positive review. Brinicombe Equestrian recommends Think Itch which is a feed supplement highly effective on reducing midges which agitate horses and ponies. SUITABLE FOR: All classes of equine, for external use only. DIRECTIONS: Always complete a patch test before use. Topical application only.SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply evenly to the whole or exposed areas of the body. Apply according to insect challenge. KEY INGREDIENTS: Patented PST22 Polysulphide Technology®, Cymbopogon citratus Price £16.95 500ml easy spray bottle – Click HERE to purchase Working in partnership with Brinicombe Equine

John Whitaker Rothwell Roll Up Rain Sheet – A Review

by Lizzie from Ponies and Prosecco I have been itching to put the John Whitaker Rothwell Roll Up Rain Sheet through its paces since it was delivered to my office earlier on this month by Haynet. However, I had one small problem – the absence of rain. This September had been a very dry month. That was until this last weekend, where the rain returned with a vengeance which happily coincided with our scheduled trip to Munstead for their hunter trials. The rain was torrential with strong gale force winds. This was spot on perfect conditions to put the rug to the test.  The rug comes rolled up in a handy storage bag, perfect for hanging up tidily in the horsebox when not in use. Think of it as a pack-a-mac for horses. It happens to come in my favourite colour Navy with a smart, subtle Whitaker logo in Silver on the left hand side. It is made from a 420 Denier Waterproof but breathable material, so it keeps the horse dry without becoming causing them to sweat.  I have found that the rug is perfect for throwing on whilst waiting around for classes to keep your tack and horse dry. The stirrup holes mean that this rug can also be ridden in. Perfect for use whilst waiting around in the warm up.  It has two velcro fastenings on the neck to keep it securely in place. I really like the generosity of the fit of the neck as this will help to prevent plaits from being rubbed out. It also leaves enough room to cover the reins and any neckstrap or martingale that the horse may have on underneath. There is a single velcro fastening on the chest to keep the rug from slipping back. There is good depth in the shoulder, so the rug should also fit a broader stamp of horse. We experienced high winds this weekend and the rug stayed firmly in place, this was added by a good quality fillet string and an adjustable, removable, single surcingle with a velcro fastening. This also ensures that the rug doesn’t move whilst you are riding in it.  Let’s now look at the sizing of the rug. It comes in Small, Medium, Large or X Large. Wigs is wearing a medium rug in the pictures and he is a 6’0″ in all makes of rug. The Medium is advised for rug sizes 5’9-6’0″. I found the rug fitted well even when worn over tack, so I would suggest that the Size Guide is pretty accurate. I was a bit dubious about how difficult it would be to get the rug back in the small storage bag, but it was surprisingly easy. You do as the name says and just roll it up, then stuff it in the bag.  I really like this rug. I think it’s good quality, well thought out, and an affordable product. I know it is definitely going to be a lorry essential for me from now on.  To purchase, please visit: John Whitaker

Leovet Power Phaser Fly Spray – A Review

by Laura Szuca from Wannabe In The Ribbons The lovely Sam at Haynet asked me to do a review on the Leovet Power Phaser. With the recent cold and rainy weather, I decided to wait and hold off starting to test the product, as there wasn’t many flies around and didn’t think it would be a fair test of the product.  However last week the sun came out and of course, so did the flies – perfect product testing conditions!  So, what do Leovet say about their Power Phaser? The ultimate in fly protection! The new power in insect defence. Works against horseflies, ticks and all biting and non-biting flies. 100% keep-away power and long-lasting adhesion of the active ingredients even when your horse perspires. 7 hours of effectiveness. What can I tell you about the Power Phaser from my experience? It smells.  Really strongly!  And the smell seems to last, I don’t know if that is part of how the product keeps the flies away, but it seems to do the trick, I have noticed that when I go and bring Mikey in after a day in the field some of the other horses are tail swishing to keep the flies away, but Mikey doesn’t seem to be, so for me it definitely seems to help keep the flies away.   The ultimate test A friend and I went out hacking early the other morning, it was humid and perfect fly weather!  Without realising we put the fly spray to the optimum test, I put the spray on my horse Mikey, and my friend didn’t put any on her horse, and guess what, Mikey had no flies on him, but my friend’s horse was plagued with friends all the way around the fields!  It wasn’t until we got back I realised, the only difference was the fly spray. So it gets a big thumbs up from us. One other plus point of the product is whilst it’s in a plastic bottle, the bottle can be recycled so you are doing your bit for the planet too. Thanks Leovet – a great product! Purchase HERE

Happy Hounds and Content Cats – Keeping Them Calm During The Party Season

How come some dogs, cats or horses can take life in their stride while others jump out of their skin if a leaf falls from a tree! Animals like humans deal with anxious situations in different ways. Deep into the autumn, owners of stressy animals start fearing the firework season as they know they will have dogs barking, shaking, hiding or salivating through night after night of loud bangs from Halloween to the New Year. According to statistics, 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks and this seems to get worse the older the dog becomes. Why are animals scared of fireworks? If you were sitting quietly alone reading a book and then somebody popped balloon behind you, what do you think your reaction would be? Probably shout, scream and jump out of your skin. You were not expecting it and your reaction is exaggerated. This feeling replicates in what dogs and cats have when they hear fireworks or even thunder. With the party season in full swing, the bangs go on for a long period which are noisy, visually scary and unpredictable. If your pets are close enough they would probably react to the burning smell too. Add these factors together and you can see why they are so stressed at this time of year. What are the signs of a stressed animal? Panic in dogs comes in the form of panting, pacing, whining, drooling and barking. Their tail will be between their legs, perhaps ears back and many will be pawing you to let you know that they are not happy! They may also try and hide or run from room to room trying to escape the noise. In extreme cases, they may urinate out of fear within the house which is completely out of character. It is horrible for the dog and for the owner to see their animal distressed. How to reduce the stress during the party season With thunderstorms, these are unpredictable and you don’t know the severity of the storm until it hits. With fireworks, you can plan to a certain degree when they are going to be held near your home. So how can you help make your animals feel more secure and safer with fireworks: Make sure they have a bolt hole – Make sure they have a room to escape to when the fireworks start. This could be an under stairs cupboard, the bathroom or simply underneath a table. They will take comfort in being able to hide somewhere while there are fireworks. Look at alternative therapies – There is a variety of medication that a vet can prescribe or you can buy from your pet store or online. These can come in a form of sprays, wipes and a diffuser. These are a mix of essential oils which have a calming effect on animals. They are safe to use and the results can be extremely helpful to pet and owner! Play music or the tv loudly – Make sure the windows and doors are shut and turn up the stereo!  This will mask the sound for the animals even though their hearing is more acute than ours. It was lovely to see Bill Turnbull this year present his radio show on firework night playing soothing classical tunes with stressed pets in mind. Make sure they have company– If you can, make sure you are at home with them if a firework display is being held near your home. If you cannot be in, see if someone can babysit them during the fireworks. They are much happier with company and a cuddle! If you have found your animals have had a stressful few weeks with Halloween and Guy Fawkes night, then make sure you prepare them for the up and coming Christmas and New Year celebrations. Calm animals make very calm owners! Working in partnership with Pet Remedy

Traditional Tweed Still Game In The Countryside and Catwalks

From the catwalks of Milan to the British spring county shows, tweed is still a traditional style staple that fails to date. This versatile fabric and look is now being incorporated into everyday wear through to more formal occasions. It’s once itchy and stiff image is now been shaken off and designers are reaching for tweed to be used in upholstery, wedding dresses, fashion accessories and now even into lingerie. The staple of any wardrobe for both genders is the tweed jacket or gilet. They are extremely versatile and stylish and can be used for formal occasions, smart casual weekends or everyday wear. Tweed waistcoats can be mixed and matched effortlessly with other fabrics and clothing particularly with coloured jeans, trousers or skirt. Team your tweed with a pheasant feather printed scarf and then add a bakerboy cap or a fedora to the look which sit together in pure class and style. These hats are completely on trend and can be worn not only in a country setting but harmoniously in the city too. Styles have evolved over the last few years with many colours such as hot pinks, strong purples, and duck egg blues having been introduced into traditional tweed threads. This brings the fabric to the modern generation who have also fallen in love with wearing this classic look embracing tweed in their clothing, bags or accessories. Tweed also sits nicely with corduroy fabric, lace and leather footwear which is why this fabric is still a countryside firm favourite. Tweed clothing, particularly in country pursuits, is not only stylish but incredibly practical too. It is warm, hard-wearing and practical. Whether you are shooting clays, beating on a shoot or walking your dogs through the fields, tweed jackets or waistcoats will keep the famous British weather at bay! With tailored deep pockets giving any jacket a touch of quality, they are also incredibly useful for all you need to take with you when enjoying the countryside. So if you want to add some tweed to your wardrobe, styles are now affordable with prices to suit all budgets. Haynet recently tried and tested a super tweed gilet and matching bakerboy cap from . With its hot pink quality lining, the Walker & Hawkes Ladies Derby Tweed Waistcoat is tailored and smart but very easy to wear. As with most tweed items of clothing, they soften over a few times of wear but this waistcoat felt comfortable from the first time you put it on. This can be worn with a t-shirt, cotton fitted shirt or a warm jumper to take you through all the seasons. Walker & Hawkes also have a super range of fashion bakerboy tweed country caps, baseball hats and the faithful flat caps that looks good on ladies and gentleman wanting to add some tweed to their wardrobe. So for a smarter and practical look, definitely consider adding some tweed. It will become an absolute firm favourite! Working in partnership with

Making Your Horse Into A 3D Memory

We all love our horses and ponies dearly. They find a big part of your heart and never leave. With all pets sadly in time they either fall ill, may have an unfortunate accident or are simply heading to their twilight years. This means we all have to face that one day we are going to lose them. The thought and the reality is utterly heartbreaking. Thankfully we have our memories of them, photos from the years or decades they spent with us, together with other ways of keeping our pets with us. Many portrait painters are out there painting our beloved horses and ponies, which is a great way to have a permanent reminder hanging in pride of place in our homes. But there are also other ways to have a physical memory of our horses or ponies and other pets. I was very intrigued when I saw 3D Sculpture company called Arty Lobster who make lifelike figurines of your pets. With my lovely horse Zeb in his advancing years, I thought it would be a great way to have him still with me now and when he leaves (I hope not for a long time yet!) to canter over Rainbow Bridge. The process of ordering your 3D sculpture was very easy. You send in up to ten photos of your horse or pony and then they create a proof for you to approve, which came through very quickly. After you give Arty Lobster the go ahead, they set to work making your lifelike figurine of your horse using 3D printers. It can take up to six weeks for your order to arrive due to high demand but it is worth the wait. So I opened my parcel with excitement to see the model of my lovely Zeb and I was not disappointed. It was quite emotional actually seeing the horse that I have had in my life for over thirteen years in a model form. The model is quite toy like which I really liked as it was different. (Please note the model cannot be used as a toy) They got his colouring and markings really well and he came standing on a solid brass plate with his name engraved on it. Personally, I think the plate is a little heavy compared to the lightness of the sandstone sculpture but it does add a touch of quality to the model.     So Zeb now sits proudly on my office windowsill which is where I spend many hours a day. It really is a super way to commemorate your pet whether they are still with you or have passed on. They would also make a super gift for someone special in your life, particularly if they have lost a beloved pet. So make sure you visit Arty Lobster and remember your pet in a different way by having them sitting or standing proudly on your shelf or windowsill for many decades to come, never to be forgotten.   Please visit Arty Lobster Sponsored Post

A Muddy Cure

Mud fever, greasy heel, dew poisoning, pastern dermatitis or whatever you choose to call it, I hate it and my horse really hates it! With winter in full swing, paddocks are getting poached and gateways resemble bogs which only means one thing in my equestrian eyes…mud fever! The Condition This is a painful condition that mainly affects horse’s lower limbs and it thrives in cold and wet conditions which we all know is very common all over the United Kingdom. Mud fever can range from a mild skin irritation to very painful, infected sores commonly found on the back of the pasterns and heels of a horse. However, the disease can actually affect the whole body if it really gets out of hand and not treated. The sores are the obvious symptom but it can cause also oedema which normally results in some lameness for the horse. It can also occur along the backs of horses that are kept outside without rugs, which is known as rain scald or rain rash. The crusty scabs on the inflamed skin discharge serum, causing the hair to matt, giving the coat a rough, ungroomed appearance. Mud fever scabs also tend to be dark in colour which are easy to detect, especially a horse with white socks where mud fever can be very prevalent. With severe cases, the skin at the back of the pastern may split open, producing deep horizontal cracks, commonly called cracked heels. Infection can enter these areas of damaged skin, resulting in a hot, swollen and painful leg and can cause severe lameness. So yes, this really is a miserable condition for horse and its owner to deal with. How To Treat  This can be the million dollar question for all horse owners that are dealing with mud fever.  Speak to any other horse owner and they will have their miracle solution….which has never worked for my horse. With my own delicate warmblood, I have been battling the greasy heel for around eleven winters now. Every method and product you can name, I can guarantee you I have tried. That poor horse has been smeared with so many products ranging from Manuka honey to Sudocreme, from tea tree oil, pig oil to goose fat and from udder cream to powder… the list goes on. He has been washed from baby shampoo to Hibiscrub and then blow dried to make sure his sore legs are completely dry. This horse has more pairs of turnout boots than I care to add up. Yet, the mud fever still persists. Then there is the question of whether to wash their legs or not. I have done both and to be honest it still never made a difference. The vet has been called out on numerous occasions and their advice was to take him off the ground completely and use an antibiotic cream on prescription. Now, this has worked but then I had one miserable horse who wasn’t turned out for weeks on end and then swelled up from the process of being in! So that was it, no effective and practical cure for mud fever, or so I thought….. The Cure? Last autumn my warmblood had the familiar scabs and swelling to his pasterns which again showed the mud fever had taken hold despite turning him out with barrier protection. I visited a local saddlery to purchase yet more products, to try and levitate the painful sores for him. Pretty much every product that was stocked on the shelves I recognised and had purchased over the years with not a huge amount of success.  I noticed a couple of new products that I hadn’t used before so decided to give these bottles of lotion a chance and headed back to the yard. The new product I bought was a Winter Leg Scrub which you mix with water and sponge onto the affected legs leaving on without rinsing. You can use this each time they come in, or I have found it ideal using it a couple of times a week. It also has the most wonderful smell! The other product was Mud Slide Lotion which has very similar properties to pig oil but this also has flowers of sulphur which is a super anti-bacterial agent. This I used on my horses clean and dry legs before turning him out into the muddy paddock. After about ten days I noticed how his pasterns were not swollen anymore and with a thorough fingertip search through his feathers and around all four legs, he was declared mud fever free! This is unheard for my horse to be clear of this condition in the middle of winter. So I have one happy horse and I am one extremely happy owner. I am continuing to wash his legs in the Winter Leg Scrub a few times a week and using the Mud Slide Lotion as a barrier when being turned out. Despite the paddocks having mud which is deep in places, his legs are dermatitis clear. I feel overall it is trial and error with this condition and what treatment your horse responds too. I am also a great believer to keep an open mind when treating any horse ailments. However, I have tried so many methods over the years trying to clear mud fever without any success. Well, this is my cure and it is a huge relief to me (and him) that I won’t be having to smear his legs in sticky honey or wrapping his legs in cling film anymore. By Samantha Hobden

Renasan Equine First Aid Spray: A Review by Gee Gee & Me

They say knowledge is power and in November 2016 it was as if I had been given a new pair of eyes when looking at Oscar’s hooves, heels and frogs after a successful visit from an equine podiatrist to discuss the possibility of removing Oscar’s back shoes.   Since the educational visit, daily hoof care is no longer simply picking out the feet.  I now inspect, sniff, clean, poke, prod, buff, brush and treat on a daily basis. Fascinated by Mother Nature and determined not to let anything get in the way of attempting to make this a comfortable and happy transition for Oscar!   This is exactly why I accepted the offer from Haynet to review Renasan, an effective first aid spray, suitable for use on all animals, birds and reptiles. Containing hypochlorous, a substance produced naturally in humans, animals and birds that our bodies use to fight infections and kill invading pathogens and 99.9999% effective. Renasan contains no alcohol, antibiotics, steroids or preservatives and is biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. Tick, tick, TICK!   Renasan is a first aid box essential and can be used on/for the following:   Cuts and wounds Skin disinfection Insect bites Sheath wash Eye care Hard and soft surface sanitation Hoof care   Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with any recent cuts or wounds…quickly touches wood, but I have made it part of my daily hoof care routine, supporting a healthy frog and our barefoot transition. For the last month I have sprayed directly onto a clean, upturned frog twice daily, it is kind enough to allow this yet helps to fight any nasties. For more serious scenarios, split heels recent shoe removal, early barefoot transitions, abscesses etc… You can decant Renasan into a suitable container and submerge the affected hoof for two minutes, again twice daily.   The bottle is a bright purple, easy to locate in busy tack room and the spray nozzle is excellent at applying the product to the right area, proving to be easy to use with no scent and available from sizes of 100ml with prices starting at £7.00.   Jessica and Oscar from Gee Gee and Me   To buy Renasan Equine First Aid Antiseptic Spray click HERE Sponsored Post

Stretch Tec Girth new favourite for Neptune: A Review

by Alison Kenward I was asked by Haynet to review Total Saddle Fit’s new girth the Stretch Tec Shoulder Relief girth. I watched the video on their website and I was pleased to see it was anatomically shaped and could have a sheepskin liner because Neptune is rather sensitive.   The team at Total Saddle Fit were very helpful and happy to discuss my horse and his needs with regards to size and style of girth. They explained to me that the girth had different liner options, leather, neoprene and sheepskin. I choose leather and sheepskin as  I thought Neptune would prefer the sheepskin as that is what he had been used to.   First Impressions When the girth arrived the first thing I noticed was the great quality of the leather. I felt confident looking at the make that it would be secure and I was pleased at how soft and supple the horse side of the girth was. I was intrigued to find out what Neptune would make of the elasticated central section that had been designed to breathe with the horse. I was initially perplexed at how to use the sheepskin liner as I’m used to using a girth sleeve. Once I had unpacked it it became clear that the girth allows you to peel away the liner and attach a new one. This is great for washing and cleaning. Once separated from the leather liner, my first reaction was that the girth looked lightweight and I wondered at the design that allowed something seemingly delicate to function.   I reflected on the task of the girth. Essentially it is keeping the saddle in place and balanced, from the horse’s perspective I think it is probably the least comfortable piece of tack and I know that Neptune is not happy to wear a girth without sheepskin. So the sheepskin liner was applied and immediately the girth transformed visually into a familiar style. I marvelled at the design which allows you to use interchangeable liners, on first glance one could be forgiven for thinking I had two girths. There was no fear for me that the liners might separate or that the girth was anything other than ready to use!   Neptune’s Surprise I introduced Neptune to the leather option first. Neptune was tacked up as usual and I watched his face and expression. It’s fair to say Neptune resents the girth and we are always carefully to introduce it slowly. He doesn’t move fuss or object but he braces himself and if he were human I’d say it was a case of gritting his teeth. He noticed he had a new girth as the mid section touched him and he tensed. The girth was tightened and he held himself tense as usual. Then as always he exhaled and took a short breath. He had a look of surprise and uncertainty as he took another short breath and realised that this girth was not a tight band. He looked round at me and resumed his normal posture. I realised that whilst he liked the design he wasn’t sure about the feel of the girth so he was untacked  and the liner was replaced with the sheepskin. This time he was ready for the new feel of the girth and more relaxed as it was secured. I was impressed with the fit and shape which allows room for the elbow. Neptune has had a history of small girth rubs on the near side especially as the season changes, he has always looked like the girth has been snug against his elbow. The rub has never been more than the loss of hair and he hadn’t objected to being touched in the girth area but I knew I had to find a solution and seeing the Stretch Tec girth in place I thought it might avoid this problem area.   First Ride Neptune was relaxed and confident in his warm up and stretching and I suspected that as we progressed to the canter work his back might come up a bit with the different feel. What actually happened was a great quality transition with him working over his back and into the bridle, it was a big canter but not wild, in fact it was joyful!   The biggest difference I felt was in Neptune’s response to lateral work and the rein back. Often in the legyield Neptune’s first steps might be tense as he found his balance yet today he flowed into the legyield as though it were our third attempt rather than our first.   There was a greater surprise to come. I rode a trot halt transition and waited quietly for him to take a breath. He felt so calm and with an air of self possession that I asked for rein back. This is a movement that Neptune can take exception too, either hollowing if he is distracted or shuffling. For Neptune a rein back is an exercise best performed when he is completely warmed up. Today he stepped confidently back and when asked, moved forwards into trot and tidily into a lovely light canter, swinging over his back pleased with himself and the world. After this ride I stopped thinking about the girth and wondering if he would like it and rode very much as normal though I did recognise that he liked the girth and it was now part of his kit!   Performance Neptune is doing very well in training and at competitions. He has a full support team including an excellent Farrier, Masseur, Saddle fitter, Mctimoney Chiropracter and an attentive Mum who tries to make sure he is happy and comfortable. In return Neptune has given me his heart and soul and is flattering pleased to see me. He is confident in our routine and recently has shone at home and at competitions. I would recommend the Stretch Tec girth for its innovative design which offers the horse comfort, room to move and most importantly breathe. It’s easy to care for and suits Neptune. I am particularly impressed with the option to change liners allowing further customisation for individual horse preferences. I believe this design is leading the way for horses to feel more comfortable and this earns the girth our seal of approval. When Neptune is comfortable and relaxed he raises his game and offers an emotional connection as well as expressive movement and this for me is priceless.   For more information about the STRETCHTEC Shoulder Relief Girth, please visit TOTAL SADDLE FIT Sponsored Post

Idolo Tether Tie

I was tweeting one Monday night on #HorseHour when Haynet asked if I would like to do a product review on the Idolo Tether Tie. I had never heard of Idolo Tether Ties so searched it on the internet and I thought it looked innovative. I generally use very thin baler twine (easy to break), “you always need to carry spare twine as thin baler twine snaps easily, or tangles like spaghetti . There are a couple of plastic ties on the market which I have tried only to find they don’t work well and perish in the winter months. I have used quick release ties in the past only to find that my mare escapes. When my mare is tethered she very quickly turns her head just a couple of times from left to right and if she’s tied to an quick release tie then it opens straight away – “it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do”. When the “Idolo” Tether Tie arrived, I found it to light in weight but sturdy. I tied up my mare and she did her usual head nod to see if it would release…….but it held firm! I continued to use the Idolo for the following month and it passed every test with flying colours. The halter rope is passed through the loop where you have two choices of pressure just by turning the tether tie around, therefore if your horse spooked then the tie allows the rope pass over or under the friction bar whilst holding the pressure. My mare didn’t pull back during testing, but I applied significant pressure to the Tie and it did not break, unclip, release or separate. If your horse spooks then he/she can move freely without feeling restricted. Best practice dictates that you should not leave your horse unattended while tethered using any safety tie. The tether tie is guaranteed for two years, is weather proof and most of all its safe, to me it’s a definite winner. Written by Helen Last Please visit: Sponsored Post

Equimins Plaiting Spray – A Review

by Faith Jolleys Equestrian With the NSEA Intermediate SJ Finals at Royal Windsor on the competition schedule, it was a perfect time for us to test and review the Equimins Plaiting Spray. We washed Tulip’s mane the day before we needed to plait up so that it was clean but not too slinky. When we were ready to start plaiting we gave her mane a good coating of the spray, it left it really shiny and smelled really nice too. We found the best way to use the spray was to spray it all first and then let it dry slightly so that it was not too wet. Unlike other sprays we’ve used in the past, it didn’t leave a sticky residue on my fingers, which made plaiting easier. As we were ready to plait each section, we gave the base of the section a light spray so that we got all the little hairs neatly in the braid. The braids looked really shining and easy to handle. The spray nozzle was generous so it coated the mane really well.   We opted for some smart hunter braids for Tulip and used wool to keep them in tight overnight. After we finished, we gave them another quick spray to finish off. We plaited her the night before the show and the plaits held firm and beautiful all the way until the following afternoon when we took them out.   After taking the plaits out, normally her mane is crazy… but this time a quick brush through and other than a few little kinks there was very little craziness…. Her mane was soft and silky and didn’t need washing. Equimins Plaiting spray gets a big thumbs up from us!!   To purchase, please visit Equimins

Modern Colour And Design At Last Hit The Stable Yard!

When HUF Designs contacted the Haynet office to review a new feed scoop, you do immediately wonder how a simple feed scoop could make life easier in the stable yard? A scoop is just a scoop after all? Or is it… When I received the SKUP (super name!) I was immediately impressed by the colour and the design. At last, some funky style to brighten up the feed room. My feed scoop I have had for about eleven years now but it was starting to look tired and now almost dated back to the seventies when the new SKUP was placed in the feed bin! The SKUP looks modern and up to date which sadly many stable yard products are lacking these days. Don’t take these good looks for granted though, this SKUP has something for its teeth to sink into… Yes, your horse feed with ease! With its jagged teeth, it is so easy to scoop up chaff, nuts or any mix. The SKUP particularly makes light work of chaff which can be an embedded battle to get out of the bag. Another great feature is that it is marked so you can judge how much feed to give and with its level bottom it sits comfortably on top of any hay bale. The SKUP would make easy work I think of making up multiple feeds with its quick scoop action and marked outline to judge the different amounts horses have. I can fully understand why the innovative SKUP impressed BETA last year winning the Horsecare Equipment and Clothing Award. The design and style can pull up any yard to the modern age which is much needed. So if your feed room needs a little makeover, then I urge you to cheer it up with a SKUP! You will not be disappointed. Please visit: Working in partnership with Huf Design

Equimins Leather Spray Soap

by Jessica Challinor A leather cleaning product and sponge live on the same shelf as my riding boots, hat and whip in the tack room, opposite my saddle and bridle. I am convinced this is the secret to good habits; yes I am that rider who wipes over my tack nine out of ten times after I have ridden. This way it is never a big job the night before an event and my leather looks great for it!   I get through a leather cleaning product (and usually a sponge too) every six months, a little goes a long way and I am always excited to try a new product. With thanks to Haynet May saw the arrival of Equimins Leather Spray Soap on the tack room shelf.   After my first use all I could think was “wow, a spray really is so much easier to use” because my last leather cleaning product was a balm and although great, impossible to apply without getting greasy hands. The Equimins Leather Spray Soap being the opposite, clean, convenient and easy to use.   The Equimins Leather Spray Soap comes in a 500ml bottle that feels durable and yard friendly with a sturdy spray nozzle. One spritz provides enough soap to evenly wipe over my whole bridle, with boots and saddle only taking a couple more.   I have used on my old Ariat Bromont boots to my new Kate Negus bridle and all leathers in between, with the old and the new being pliable and soft with a rich shine and beautiful finish after just a quick wipe clean, at £6.95 it is one of my favourites.   A 10/10 from Gee Gee and Me.   To buy Equimins Leather Spray Soap click HERE Sponsored Post

Jewellery That Keeps Sentiment Alive

Sitting with friends recently at a lunch out, we were chatting away when I noticed the jingling and jangling of bracelets on all our wrists. Not just one or two bracelets or bangles but all of us had around half a dozen bracelets moving around almost making silver music tones as we chatted away. I stopped and asked them all with interest, what do their bracelets mean to them? I was touched and heart warmed to hear that every bracelet had a story, some very sentimental stories. It came to me that sentimental jewellery holds so much more emotional sway than any other possessions. Ok, old vinyl records or a china teapot can also bring warmth from being passed down or given to you by a loved one or a great friend. However, to have been given a piece of jewellery from someone special in your life has meaning attached to it. Most will have some piece of treasured jewellery in their drawers or precious jewellery boxes that perhaps has a grandmother’s engagement ring, or a necklace with a birth stone from a dear friend or a special birthday bracelet from a loved one. These items are precious and will very rarely leave our possession. There are times when you see a lost advert or reward given for a ring that was lost at the beach, a bracelet that was dropped on a train or a necklace fallen off in a taxi. I often wonder what the story is behind those precious pieces of jewellery that have gone missing. They may not have any real monetary value to them but the sentimental value is priceless. These cherished pieces of jewellery also have an emotional bond to them, especially if the loved one is not here anymore. To have jewellery that was precious to them holding such meaning and significance, keeps a part of them alive with you. I remember as a child going through my mother’s jewellery box, putting on rings that were too big for my childlike fingers, or bracelets that fitted almost to my shoulder. Those memories are so clear as if it was yesterday. With now my mother not with us anymore, a few bits of her jewellery which have no real sterling value are safely tucked away, only coming out on special occasions. They really should be worn more often and perhaps it’s time to wear this jewellery without the fear of them getting lost. Jewellery in the modern age has come on with thought and imagination in what makes a sentimental but practical piece of jewellery to wear every day. You can also tell a lot from a person in what type of jewellery they wear. Fashion pieces come and go, but the jewellery we choose to wear every day tell a story but also show what we love in life. If you have a love for horses for example, this is a passion that will never leave you…. ever! I wear everyday jewellery that shows my equestrian love, especially my favourite silver snaffle bit bracelet which always invites comments, even from those who may not share this common interest. I know when my lovely horse dearly departs, I will always wear some form of equestrian jewellery as my sentiment for him. This will be a memory to keep my horse alive with me wherever I go. Don’t always wait for a piece of jewellery to be given to you as a present or handed down. If you see a silver bracelet or a gold charm pendant that tugs at your emotional heart strings reminding you of someone you love, or a beloved pet that you hold so dear, then make sure you save some pennies to buy it. Sometimes it may take going without a pub lunch or two or a weekend away but it will be worth it. That piece of jewellery will be with you for life, keeping sentiment very much alive. Written by Samantha Hobden Please visit Hi Ho Silver for a wide range of very sentimental jewellery Working in collaboration

Mark Todd Reinga Waterproof Riding Over Trousers

Although summer is on its way, every self-respecting equestrian knows that at some point there will be a downpour and working or riding in the rain will be a reality. With recent showers part of the weather god’s agenda I set out to test the Mark Todd Regina Waterproof Over Trousers. Priced at a RRP of £68 this product sets itself at a higher price point than simple pull over waterproof trousers, but a lot less than some of the equine branded waterproofs on the market. The Mark Todd Collection is known for its hard-wearing pieces, with some great added design features, so I was interested to try the product, to see if they were value for money and most importantly, if they performed in an equine environment. But firstly, here is the manufacturers blurb: The over trousers are made from polystretch fabric to allow for greater movement and flexibility with Taslon panels on the front for greater durability. The pockets have heat sealed waterproof zips – as you’d see on ski wear. There are full length two way zips on the outside with a full length storm flap. Adjustable tabs at the waist and ankle. The trousers have a 20gm polyester filling The printed logos are reflective along with the piping down the side seams. The design… I was really impressed with the quality and design of the over trousers. They looked smart and were made with a high-quality finish. Only available in Navy, but a sensible choice of colour that goes with most jackets and equestrian clothing. The fabric appeared durable and had an amount of stretch to it, which is essential when you are moving about doing yard work and riding. I liked the Talson panels on the front and knees. Designed to offer additional durability, they also give a bit of styling to the garment, almost an industrial quality that I liked. These trousers have bags of detail for the price. The zips are waterproof and there are plenty of large pockets. The waist is adjustable which means you can wear layers underneath or tuck a thicker jumper in if you wish. I liked the long zips that run down the outside of the trousers, making them easy to take on and off. The tabs at the ankle meant the trousers could be worn over riding boots or under, to give a neat, tidy and safe fit. Overall, I think the Mark Todd Regina waterproof over trousers were some of the best quality I have seen on the market, packed with loads of functional features and a simple, yet considered design, at this stage I was really impressed… so I popped them on and ventured out into the rain! The function… The over trousers didn’t disappoint. Wearing them on a particularly windy and wet day I felt dry and cosy. The trousers kept out the wind and although I had breeches on underneath I didn’t feel overly hot. I’d say they would be ideal for slinging over work clothes when you have to go to the yard after work, or as a cover over your show breeches. So, they do have many uses aside from yard waterproofs. I wore the trousers to do some mucking out and grooming and found them comfortable to work hard in. The fabric had enough stretch so I didn’t feel restricted or cumbersome. Again, this design would be great for people like equine physios, who work outdoors in the colder months and need practical additional layers. I tacked up and decided to hack out, in the rain to properly test the trousers. At first I did feel the seat of the trousers was slightly slippery which I found disconcerting. However, I am used to sticky bottom breeches, so anything different, well feels different! Within 10 minutes I was used to riding in the slightly padded, different textured trousers, so can’t criticise the fabric choice. The trousers didn’t ride up at the lower leg, as other brands have, and the tabs at the bottom ensured a snug and tidy fit which was safe – so great if you were doing speed work and possibly jumping. The fabric was flexible at the knees and hips, and they didn’t feel bulky. The pockets were large enough for a phone, which stayed dry – bonus! I was out in a light shower and stayed dry in the trousers. Upon returning to the yard I lightly hosed over the trousers and still remained dry – so the functionality, fit and performance of the over trousers all passed my tests. To summarise… I was very impressed with the Mark Todd Regina Waterproof over trousers. They are well designed, fit for purpose and have loads of features that some of their more expensive competitors include, but at a much higher cost. I think the over trousers would last for a good few years and washed and dried very well when I tested them. The fit is great and the combination of fabrics works well. They look smart and I think have a lot of uses, not only for riders but grooms and spectators. The padding makes them warm but I wouldn’t say overly hot, so they aren’t just winter trousers. Overall I was really impressed with this product and I think Mark Todd offers a high-end product at a fair price. I would recommend them and would now look at other Mark Todd products as I think they offer a great mid-range price point, with good quality, functional products. Sponsored Post