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What is the best blogging platform to use? by Sam Hobden Podcast #2

Haynet has launched a new series of podcasts which we hope will be a learning tool for horse bloggers and those in equestrian business to listen to and help within this industry. Working together with Rhea Freeman, a well known business coach within rural marketing and PR, we aim to bring our knowledge, humour and opinions to topics that will benefit you within the areas of blogging and equestrian business in general.

Further to  Podcast #1 with Rhea discussing whether the equestrian industry was in better shape than five years ago, she then put a question to Sam to answer in the next podcast about which is the best blogging platform to use?

So please plug yourself in and have a listen to what Sam thinks is the best blogging platform to use and why. We would love to hear your opinion too, so let us have your views. Coming soon will be Rhea’s Podcast with her reply to Sam’s question which is “What Social Media Platform Should A Small Rural Business Use?” Haynet is also listing all the podcasts in a library, so we hope to build this up for you to all listen and benefit. Here is our PODCAST page and we hope you listen and enjoy!