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14 September,2017

Welcome To Haynets New Home!

Thank you so much for coming over to Haynets new home! Grab a cuppa, kick off your wellies and have a look round at the changes. We are still looking the same but have made a few changes here and there.

Looking back over the last six years since Haynet started, I am so pleased how you all embraced the site and engaged with each other, sharing your stories from the stables to the fields. Social media has grown vastly since Haynet started and looking at the site over the last year, engagement has shifted to Twitter and Facebook where we all seem to hang out these days!

Together with the technical challenges that Haynet has experienced this year, it has made me look to the future of the site and where the audience is to promote your rural blog writing further. After lots of thought and deliberation, I decided that Haynet could not move forward in its current online home and a new platform was needed.

So the big difference in Haynets new home the loss of the social network side to it. However, this has been replaced with a new Blog Directory with the Stables and Fields section remaining where your last blog post will show for viewers to follow to your blog to read. Haynet will continue to provide high value content to its audience, where you can comment and engage still. Engagement will now shift to Haynet’s Twitter channel #HorseBloggers which has been opened purely to share your blog writing to the wider rural audience.

The old site is just going through some technical updates and will be available to access in the next few days. I will let you know the new domain name and this will be open until the 1st November 2017. This will enable those that blogged through Haynet to retrieve any of your content or photos before it closes. I will be sharing some posts very soon on how to start blogging independently, so please take a look at them to ensure you keep writing!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you for being a part of Haynet and this will continue, just in a new phase. This move is a positive one and will benefit your writing more by keeping ahead with the ever changing world of social media. I look forward to continuing to follow your brilliant blog writing and sharing your content socially.



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