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05 November,2017

Top 10 Tips to Writing a Horse Advert

Selling your horse is hard. Making the decision to part ways is never easy and then where do you start? How do you write the best advert, which will help your horse find his new home without time wasters? Don’t worry, we’re here to help without Top Ten Tips of how to write the perfect advert.

1 – Start with the basics. Your horse’s age, height, breed and sex are all vital information. If your horse has a life height certificate or if he is registered to any breed societies or associations this is the time to mention it. Being registered or JMB measured can be a really important factor if the new owner is looking to show or breed.

2 – If your horse has good breeding share this in the advert. If his parents are HOYS winners this will catch people’s attention. Also share his registered name, lots of breed societies and associations will let you search for wins and bloodlines by name. And you will be amazed what a Google search will pull up! Good results for a name will often results in top quality horses being sold unseen.

3 – Photos speak a thousand words so make sure you use good quality photos. Show your horse in a range of photos under saddle, in-hand and if selling a competition horse during an event. For example, If you are selling a champion show jumper a picture jumping is a must.

4 – Video’s are a great addition to adverts, showing potential buyers everything from flashy movement to scope over jumps. So grab a friend and get recording.

5 – Achievements. This is the time to boast. If your horse has won every dressage class it’s ever ridden, qualified for RIHS or won money BSJA this is the time to tell everyone. Don’t be modest, be proud of your achievements. Even if you compete unaffiliated, “being shown and often placed” is still an achievement to shout about!

6 – His current level of competition should be mentioned. If he currently jumping 2ft, someone who is jumping 1m is unlikely to be interested and vice versa.

7 – Disciplines and suitability. Is your horse only suitable as a happy hacker or is he good all-rounder who will give everything ago? Horses are like people some hate showing while others love it. So share what disciplines your horse is suitable for. And don’t be afraid to say what your horse won’t do, having a horse that won’t jump will rarely put off a show or dressage rider.

8 – Your horse’s personality is always a major selling point. Is he kind? Will he ride alone & in company? Good in traffic, to catch, travel etc? Does he live in or out? All the things that you need to know on a daily basis will help any potential buyers know what type of horse he is and if he’s right for them.

9 – Sharing your reasons for sale can be hard but be honest. Is this a beloved family pony sadly outgrown or is the horse too much for you? Giving the genuine reason for sale will help your horse on the way to finding the right new home.

10 – Vices and reportable conditions. Not every horse is perfect and not every home will be able to cope with certain behaviours or conditions. If your horse naps, isn’t a novice ride or has a reportable condition like Sweet Itch you have to be honest and tell potential buyers. Firstly for their safety and to avoid any possible legal action after the sale. Lots of minor vices and conditions won’t put off the right experienced buyer.

Overall with adverts the more information you give the better. If you are still unsure what to write, think of what you would like to know about a new horse before you went to see it, or write out a practice advert first and ask your friends for their opinions. Also, don’t forget to proofread your advert and check and then double check that your contact details are correct.

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