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The Total Dog Manual – A Review

Reading and reviewing this book has been difficult. Would you like to know why? Well I have a puppy. A Jack Russell puppy.This little bundle takes up so much time!! My family and I have had dogs in our lives for around thirty years. So to take on a puppy would be second nature and a doddle – surely? This doesn’t seem to be the case and it is still time and dedication when having to train a puppy in to your life. Therefore I was very happy to read and review The Total Dog Manual to ease this manic bundle of fluff into our house.


The canine world has changed dramatically since my parents took on their first Springer Spaniel puppy back in the eighties. I’m not sure there were too many training classes, manuals or shops dedicated to all things dog back then. I remember seeing a book on dog breeds on the shelf at home all those years back, but it was a very basic look on how to train and live with a dog.


My first impressions of the Total Dog Manual were good. A lovely laid out book, carefully illustrated with numbered tips for you to refer to.  The book is set out to four simple chapters: The Basics, Behaviour, Training and Care. Those who have dogs will probably think they would not need a book to refer to. However, there are so many tips and advice which I certainly learnt from reading through.  The sections of Behaviour and Training were of particular interest giving simple but good and clear advice to deal and understand behaviour issues and training methods.


The book is numbered with tips from 1 to 268. This is a clever way in referring back to a point in the book if you want to read a section again. This helped me remembering point 160 on how to prevent your dog or puppy pulling on the leash….a problem which we are currently trying to master! Another lovely part to this manual is “Dog Tales” with canine stories that are very touching and inspiring.


The manual is an ultimate for book for dog lovers. It would make an excellent and invaluable read for the first time dog owner whether that being taking on a puppy or an older rescue dog. However, this would sit very happily on the shelf of any home with dogs which can be referred to at ease answering your canine questions. A super book for any dog owner.


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Written by Samantha Hobden Editor


Image Credit: Kobe reading some top canine behaviour and training tips….