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The Hitman’s Mistake – A Review

Author Sally Brandle, a horse owner and lover of books recently had her new book published The Hitman’s Mistake, (Book 1) a romantic suspense/thriller.

With the equestrian touch, this romantic thriller is a great read for all genres. Haynet blogger, Oonagh O’Brien recently reviewed this new book and here are her thoughts on The Hitman’s Mistake:-

When I got the opportunity to review this book, I jumped at the chance!

From the very first page, the book grabbed my interest and it was one of those books that you promise yourself at 3am in the morning – that you’ll just read one more page and an hour later, you’re still flicking through reading.

The book has a mix of everything – from the busy city life of Seattle to the roaming views of Montana, you almost feel you are there. The attraction between Miranda and Grant is electric and at times you almost feel invasive even reading their journey as it is so brilliantly written – I almost felt like a gooseberry!  Red the Mule brings the equestrian factor into the book and even the relationship between him and Miranda is a “feel good”.

This book simply has it all – suspense, romance, drama and of course Red the Mule. I absolutely LOVED reading this book and Sally Brandle is now added to my must have author’s lists for any future books she releases.  Whether you want a book for beside the pool on holidays, or want something to read at home – this book has it all and you will not be disappointed! – Oonagh from Equine Cents & Sensibility 

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  • Sally Brandle

    Wow! Oonagh, thank you SO much for the kind words. Book 2, Virtue and Vengeance, features a miniature horse. Tomorrow I’ll be the featured author in USA Today’s HEA column. I hope some of you will take a peek. Happy trails to all…

  • brian haenlein

    This book is what Oonagh has it pegged for what it is. A suspense thriller with a twist. Loved it.