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Tea in the Tack Room with Kim Wilson

Pegasus Jewellery has a steeped history of British excellence. Jewellery is all that founder Kim Wilson has ever known and in the last few years has diversified her business into the equestrian industry. Samantha Hobden caught up with Kim recently in Haynet’s Tea in the Tack Room series to find out more about how Kim juggles and her busy work with family life running Pegasus Jewellery:

The jewellery business seems to be in your blood! Tell us about your how your love for a career in the jewellery industry started.

My Great Grandfather opened his first jewellery store back in 1909, and the business has been handed down through my grandfather to my father. I have very early memories of sitting beside my Grandfather at his repair bench pretending to fix old scraps of jewellery. Growing up, at home, the dinner table conversation was always about jewellery. As the industry has changed and brand such as Pandora and Thomas Sabo have taken prominence in the high street I love following the fashion trends from the catwalk to the high street. Jewellery makes people feel special, it highlights important milestones like engagements, weddings, birthday and anniversaries. It’s wonderful being part of that.

Where did the idea to branch into equestrian jewellery come from?

I can tell you exactly the moment! I was at Blair Horse Trials for the FEI Longines European Championship, watching Michael Jung receive his Gold Medal from the Queen. I had been thinking about launching my own silver collection, but couldn’t find the inspiration and then I had a ‘eureka’ moment. Horses and Jewellery have been the two biggest influences in my life, so why not combine them? As soon as I got home I was at the kitchen table designing my first collection, which was the Pearl Sparkle Horseshoe set. From then, I’ve never looked back.

What made you settle on the name Pegasus?

Originally I was going to call the collection COLT. I had all the graphics and logos designed. However, one night I was reading a bedtime story to my daughter, Charlotte “Usborne Book of Mythical Characters’ about the winged Stallion Pegasus. A the end of the story Charlotte said “that would be a good name for your jewellery, Mummy” and I knew instantly she was right. A symbolisation of my dreams taking flight like the beautiful winged horse. 

You are a busy mother not only running a business but fit in owning horses, dogs and of course your family! How do you manage to fit it all in?

I’m not going to pretend I’m superwoman, I’m far from it. My Husband is in the Royal Navy and works away, so at times it’s been very hard. At the beginning, I would put the children to bed and sit at the kitchen table designing jewellery, while taking online courses to learn how to build my own website till the early hours of the morning, then up at 6 to get ready for nursery/school run and then a full days work. Looking back I don’t know how I did it. However, I have a great support network now and I don’t regret a moment of it. Hard work and determination really does pay off.

What are your aims for Pegasus and have you plans to extend the range you offer?

Oh gosh! If I’m honest I never believed in my wildest dreams Pegasus would become as big as it is today, and we are still growing. The launch of the Vitality Bracelet in October has pushed sales globally. We do a lot of trade with NZ and Australia and that is set to expand this year. The Vitality range will grow as we develop more styles of bracelets to boost the body and mind. As for the range, I am working on a range that can be personalised with horses names or notable events. We have just launched two pieces in collaboration with Blogger Mud on my Mulberry, which has been a huge success and we are working on something very exciting with the wonderful Victoria Brant (Diary of a Wimpy Eventer) Watch this space!

What is the most important factor in a piece of jewellery, style or practicality?

I think both are equally important. With the Vitality bracelet it has to be practical and its aim, using magnetic therapy is to make you feel good. Some of my designs are for special occasions to glam up an outfit, other pieces are to be worn every day. I think the most important factor in my range is the highest quality at affordable prices. My target market are horse owners and horses are expensive. I want them to be able to treat themselves and feel good, without weighing up extravagant costs.

Tell us about the triumphs and challenges running an equestrian jewellery business. What part of it are you most proud of?

Triumphs- I am incredibly proud of Team Pegasus. My team of Brand Bloggers, Sponsored Riders and Ambassadors. There are 14 of us, including my PR Tara Punter and we are a tight knit group. We have a hilarious group chat and they are 100% behind me in supporting my brand.

Challenges- The equestrian world is a difficult and very critical one. Getting breakthroughs at the very beginning was very, very hard and I really sympathise with anyone trying to launch a new equestrian brand, because it’s hard. I remember being in floods of tears one evening, I had contacted some Equestrian Bloggers at the very beginning to ask if they would review a product for me, and I received some horrid replies. I will never forget them or their replies,  ironically they have contacted me since begging to review products.

On a rare day off, where would we find you?

Stables! My daughter has a lead rein show pony, and a new pony for this year, which we trail the country with, so that takes up every minute of every weekend during the season. I love it though! On a rare moment of peace and quiet, you will find me curled up in my huge armchair with my Beagle, Sasha and a large glass of Malbec.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

I have no idea where this crazy Pegasus journey will take me, but wherever I am I hope my family and I are content and happy.

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