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02 May,2018

Bestselling Author Hannah Russell In Summer Skydive For Brooke Action

Join Bestselling Author Hannah Russell as she skydives for Brooke Action for working horses, donkeys and mules this summer! On […]

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13 January,2018

Riding Through The Concrete Fields With The Urban Equestrian Academy

If you think horse riding is purely enjoyed through the rural counties of the UK, then think again. The Urban […]

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03 January,2018

Another Successful Parade For All The Queen’s Horses

The weather was kind, the crowds welcoming and for those equestrians who participated in the London New Year’s Day Parade […]

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Hay Bale
22 October,2017

One Hand On The Reins And One Hand On The Cradle

It seems on the outside a very easy return for some high profile equestrian competitor mums that seem to jump […]

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Hay Bale
20 October,2017

Riding In An Era Gone By

I won’t divulge my age on paper but I grew up in what is now a nostalgic time when learning […]

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13 October,2017

This week’s latest edition of Haynet News

Come and take a read of the latest posts and news in this week’s Newsletter! Click HERE to Haynet News.

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Hay Bale
11 October,2017

For The Love Of Thelwell

How many of you grew up with horses and ponies in the last 40 years had a Thelwell annual, a […]

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04 October,2017

Meet Martha, Young Equestrian Blogger

Forelock Books are to publish a new series of blogs by Martha Rogerson. Martha is a member of Crawley & […]

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22 September,2017

The Question Of Getting On

The lad that competes my young ISH always amazes me with his ability to leap up on him from the […]

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Book Reviews
12 September,2017

Pony For Free – A Review by Beth & Darcy

A Pony for Free by Jacqui Broderick published by Lavender and White   Available on Amazon Click HERE to buy! Haynet recently […]

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Book Reviews
10 September,2017

Legend – A True Story

by Elizabeth Spencer Published by Forelock Books This beautifully produced hardback book, complete with its own bookmark is guaranteed to […]

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Hay Bale
09 September,2017

5 Things To Love About Horses And Ponies

A love for a horse is something only every horse owner and rider knows. Here are our top five things that […]

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