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29 March,2020

Get Your Horse Connected

Does your horse feel a bit flat? Are you going through the motions but struggling to set the world on […]

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20 March,2020

PODCAST: Is It A Good Thing To Be Open and Honest With Your Feelings and Views When Blogging? by How Very Horsey

In this latest edition of the Haynet Podcast, our special guest is the fantastic Daisy from How Very Horsey who […]

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Chatting A Bit
09 January,2020

Chatting A Bit With Becky Heappey (nee Woolven)

Deep in the Gloucestershire countryside, professional 5* event rider Becky Heappey (or you may know her as Becky Woolven as […]

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Hay Bale
23 October,2019

Respiratory Problems In Horses

If your horse is coughing, has a runny nose and appears generally listless and sick it is obvious there is […]

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Chatting A Bit
17 October,2019

Chatting A Bit With Equihandee

When Lucy Seeley was teaching her daughter to ride, she really struggled to hold onto her securely trying to stabilise […]

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22 August,2019

The Countryside Blogger Awards Announce Their 2019 Winners

The Countryside Blogger Awards is delighted to announce their 2019 winners this week. The Countryside Awards, which splintered from the […]

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24 July,2019

Five Healthy Snacks to Take When Competing

We already know that what we’re feeding our four-legged beasties is going to affect their way of going, in body […]

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Hay Bale
03 July,2019

Finding A Horse That Is Right For You Both

Talking with a friend recently who had finally bought a horse after a lengthy search, it came to me that it […]

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Hay Bale
19 June,2019

How Often Should You Be Posting On Your Blog?

Podcast #19 by Sam Hobden Writing a blog can be a big commitment and sometimes we may feel we are […]

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Chatting A Bit
17 June,2019

Chatting A Bit With Ashley Rossiter

If you follow Haynet and the Equestrian and Countrystyle Blogger of the Year Awards, you will be familiar with judge […]

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10 June,2019

Social Media Presence vs Website

Social Media presence is just as good as having your own website. And the beauty is that you don’t have […]

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Terriers & Finns
14 May,2019

Turning Into A Menopausal Mare

This week the BBC and media are discussing the M word… you know that word that women go through when […]

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