Stevie and Harley’s Purpose by Diana Hasen – How Horses Have A Purpose

Diana Hasen decided to write a book to show how her horses have a purpose and how they can spread joy and kindness to many others.

At times like these, it’s important to help spread kindness all over the world and be kind to one another. Diana has been doing that with her two ponies and now her new book which has just been released.

Stevie & Harley’s Purpose’ is an illustrated book with a key message behind the story, the book is a fictional story which shows the ponies ‘Stevie and Harley’ bringing joy to many others. In the story they find their purpose to help others. 

When Stevie and Harley came to live with owner Diana, they changed her life and gave her something to focus on. Diana had always dreamed of having her own horses one day from when she was just a little girl and finally got the opportunity when she was in her forties. 

Diana said ‘I want to share my horses with as many people as I can, I want to help others with acts of kindness no matter how small. The book is part of a bigger project through everything I am doing with Stevie and Harley. I am hoping to help make people smile and use the funds raised from the book to do bigger acts of kindness. In the New Year, I’ll be looking to work with sponsors to help make this happen.’ 

Diana was brought up in a small town in Montgomery County, USA, and was obsessed with horses from an early age. Now the mother of two and grandmother of five, Diana has had a strong working background, owning her own catering business for many years, she’s quite the entrepreneur. Now she’s moved her passion to work on her new project with the horses.

Diana has already done a series of acts of kindness during the COVID-19 crisis. While many people were locked down she organised a parade in her local town with bagpipes to help put a smile on people’s face. Recently she has been working with local businesses to donate gift cards to people who need them.

Diana’s project and mission is a welcoming example of these challenging times and how much that can be achieved with passion, hard work and positive thinking.

The book ‘Stevie and Harley’s purpose’ is now available to purchase online.

Visit Stevie and Harley’s website here to find out more –