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02 September,2017

Posture and Performance – A Review

If the word ‘anatomy’ turns you to ice then this is the book for you. A beautifully produced book; the illustrations mirror the text the whole way through and it runs in a logical order from start to finish.


Most horse owners and riders will at some point find themselves listening to their vet or trainer or physiotherapist as they use long anatomical words and phrases which are sort of familiar at best and perplexing at worst. This book will help such words to become part of a second language. We have all felt at times that if we could see into our horse with X-ray vision life would be so much easier, this books gives you that.


Having been unable to put this book down, I really feel that in an ideal world no horse owner or rider should be allowed to back, train, saddle or ride their horse without having read it first; you think you know what is going on when your horse moves but there is so much more to it. Even if you use it to assess one pace, one pony’s movement, one rider’s position, use it! I thought I knew quite a bit about horse anatomy and movement but I was woefully lacking. There is so much to learn from this book, and it is delivered to you in a factual yet user-friendly manner, it makes sense of the jargon and holds your hand right the way through.


by Jessica Bramwell


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