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Pony Care by Alison Pocklington – A Review

Foreword by Lucinda Green MBE

Having been pony mad since the age of eight, I remember back then having my head buried in any books I could get my hands on absorbing the pony obsession. Back in the day when the internet was a sci-fi dream, books were the only way of learning about horses and ponies, especially if you only rode once a week at a riding school.

Since the internet has entered our lives, information is on tap in a matter of a mouse click. Having a book on a shelf is brilliant to refer to and I am glad that the ever faithful paperback is still standing strong in the modern age.

I was asked by Quiller Publishing to take a read of Pony Care by Alison Pocklington which is a modern day step by step guide in buying and caring for your first pony. This book is aimed at children who are starting out in their horse and pony obsession which I imagine will be with you for life. It also caters for the novice parent who has said yes to the pony and is starting the process of buying a pony for their child with the potential years ahead caring for these beloved equines.

The book is very cleverly laid out with the starting process of stepping into the equestrian world giving clear instructions and images. It is very honest and gives great sound advice in every aspect of what to look for when searching and buying a pony, to the realities and costs involved in the everyday care. Every page has wonderful informative images and checklists to know what to buy or giving helpful tips.

It doesn’t shy away from giving a new owner a warning in what you are getting yourself into when buying a pony from the costs including dentistry, farriers, travelling to shows etc. It is not written to put anyone off, the author is just ensuring that buying a pony is done with thought and care through her advice in this well written book.

I have owned a horse for fourteen years so my knowledge is perhaps strong in horse ownership. However, I found the book a pleasure to read and some advice was a good reminder to me all these years on. It also brought back lovely memories reading through what you need in a grooming kit and how to care for your pony in the stable and more. The book is great for adults and children and I am passing this on to a friend who has a pony mad daughter to read for her thoughts too through a child’s eyes.

If you are thinking of buying a pony or your first horse, then buy this first before the pony purchase. It will save time, mistakes and actually save you money in the long run. As every horse and pony owners know, any saved pennies are a bonus in the cost of their care.

Review by Samantha Hobden

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