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07 February,2018

Performance Wear – Why You Should Wear It

As the light nights start to creep in and the event season approaches, our excitement and motivation increases and it is inevitable that we find ourselves browsing online for some brand new kit for this year.

But while we replace our jump boots and shop for that blingy new helmet (that we don’t really need, but how awesome would it look with our show jacket?!), we see the phrase “performance wear” appearing on our screens more and more.

Now, we’ve been riding and competing for generations, so why now is there a sudden need for special “performance wear”?

The truth is that we are all extremely careful with our horses, always ensuring they have correctly fitted, top quality tack and equipment. But why stop at our horses? To ensure our trusty steeds are safe and performing well, we as riders need to be 100% concentrating and riding to the best of their ability.

Sweaty, overheating riders are more likely to make mistakes; when your body temperature starts to increase, the blood flow to the skin increases and puts a strain on the heart. Overheating can also cause dehydration, headaches, agitation and even confusion, none of which are ideal when you are galloping at 25mph around a cross-country course. A comfortable rider rides more effectively, makes less mistakes and is much more likely to bring their horse home safe and happy.

This is why “performance wear” is becoming a priority for so many riders.

I created Apt Cavalier because I think rider comfort and safety is absolutely paramount to the progress of our sport. Other sports such as running and cycling have been using technical fabrics and designs that aid performance and radiate innovation for years now and we want to translate that into the equestrian world.

Take our Performance Skin for example; I originally designed this top to solve the problems I had on the cross-country course.  I was sick of finishing my round sweaty, red and uncomfortable so I wanted to create a Skin that would ensure I finished feeling fresh and would be able to focus first and foremost on caring for my horse rather than running off to the lorry to rip off my body protector and top. 

With this the AC Performance Skin was born; a silky compression top that boosts microcirculation, encourages the flow of oxygen to muscles and transfers perspiration away from the skin. Additionally, it is also highly breathable, pilling resistant repels oils and stains and is UV protective. This skin has received amazing reviews from riders who are competing at all levels, from BE80 up to 4*, all of whom couldn’t believe the difference a simple item of clothing could make to their comfort, concentration, and over-all performance.

So, there you have it, looking after ourselves is just as important as looking after our horses because just like them, we are athletes. At the 2016 Olympics, we used the hashtag #twohearts because there are two partners our there giving it their all and both of those competitors require the equipment to ensure they perform at their very best.  

by Sarah from Apt Cavalier

Image credits: Dave Cameron Photography


  1. Vanessa Hill says:

    I have bad osteo arthritis in my knee, and have been told by numerous medical professionals, not to get and stay wet when riding / walking, and that includes getting sweaty. So this would be ideal to wear

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