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Nibbleze Haynet – A Review

Reviewed by Ally Approved

I did my research on these nets before I agreed to product test them, and I was not disappointed!

Mags was the ideal test subject – a greedy gannet who’s been known to make holes in his existing small holes nets. Perfect! Material-wise this product is as tough as any North Sea fishing net. But it doesn’t feel plasticky or tough like it would hurt a horse or pony’s teeth.

Again, research has shown the dangers of small holes haynets on horses teeth, so the hard wearing but soft material was a win for me. The locking and fastening system on this net is easy peasy, but then it has to be when you consider some people feed their barefoot horses from the floor with this net.

I can’t tell you if it’s any good for that kind of feeding, as Mags has shoes. There is a single tie string which is thick and robust – not like the usual thin fraying type you get with other nets. Mags has had his Nibbleze net overnight and whilst tied on the wall, and I have to admit there was little waste on the floor. So you’re getting more bang for your buck when it comes to hay; less on the floor, more in their tummies!

It is a little pricier than your average haynet, but take into account the amount of hay you’ll be going through which will be substantially less, then you will actually be making a saving. These nets come in three sizes – Chilli, Picolo & Toby (small, medium & large) not forgetting their mahoosive Megaeze nets which are ideal for the winter when your grazing is limited.

I feel this haynet is such high quality, so I’d say the price is justified. And judging by the fact that it has lasted a week already with no extra holes put in it, I’m confident these nets would last you a very very long time!

Prices start at £16.99. Fancy taking a look for yourself? Head over to Nibbleze.

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