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21 November,2017

My Favourite Bit Of Kit

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it comes to blogging about all things equine. I have decided to write thirty one posts, each taking on board the tips that I recommended. So my fifth post is all about what is in my tack/grooming box and what items are my favourite and why.

This has been a good post to write as it made me clean my grooming box out, which was long overdue! It was overflowing, full of hay, horse hair and dirt. I do try and keep it clean but it is kept in an open barn near the stables, so it does get grubby quite quickly.

I took my grooming box home a few days ago to give it a good clean and sort out what I needed and anything threadbare or broken was going in the bin. Cleaning the box out it became apparent that I am also an unintentional thief too! There was definitely some brushes and hoof picks that were not mine, which must be my friends who own Zeb’s buddy where we share looking after them both. As a consolation, I cleaned up the “hot” items and have returned them to her box…

So the oldest brush in my tack box is my faithful red dandy brush. This was the first brush I bought when Zeb came into my life. The other brushes that I bought back then, have been lost or have not made the last fourteen years of use. This is just a tough brush that I will never get rid of as it has been with me since day one of being a horse owner. This has nylon bristles which does the job of getting those mucky mud patches off with ease.

Another favourite brush is my sponge brush. With Zeb always suffering from mud fever (or more wet fever this year) I am in the winter months always tending to muddy legs in order to keep them clean. This brush is brilliant in keeping legs clean and getting rid of ingrained dirt from white socks!

My tack box has all you need to keep my horse in tip top condition including hoof pics, sweat scrapers, body and dandy brushes, mane and tail brushes, curry combs rubber, plastic, and metal – you name it I have it in my tack box! But what is my favourite piece of equestrian grooming equipment, that I would struggle to live without? Well, it has to be my SleekEZ Grooming Blade. With my horse having the start of Cushings Disease, his coat is now becoming quite thick to deal with especially with the spring shred!

This blade is easy to use removing unhealthy/dead hair with ease. With its metal teeth, you would think it would be harsh to use but it is extremely gentle but very effective in removing loose hair. Combine using this with a soft grooming brush, in no time at all you have a very smart horse underneath all that mud and hair! In the spring when Zeb has his big seasonal shred, the SleekEZ blade makes the job a small one especially in encouraging their new summer coat to come through. So this grooming blade is definitely my favourite piece of kit that I have in my grooming box.

So why not give your grooming kit a clean out or better still write about what is in your box? It is definitely a good excuse for a much needed sort out of all those brushes and hoof picks that every horse owner seems to hoard!


  1. Wow! I am super astounded by this. I have only ridden a horse for once or twice in my life I feel sorry about it. The next time I would want to learn that skill. 🙂

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