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Making Your Horse Into A 3D Memory

We all love our horses and ponies dearly. They find a big part of your heart and never leave. With all pets sadly in time they either fall ill, may have an unfortunate accident or are simply heading to their twilight years. This means we all have to face that one day we are going to lose them. The thought and the reality is utterly heartbreaking.

Thankfully we have our memories of them, photos from the years or decades they spent with us, together with other ways of keeping our pets with us. Many portrait painters are out there painting our beloved horses and ponies, which is a great way to have a permanent reminder hanging in pride of place in our homes. But there are also other ways to have a physical memory of our horses or ponies and other pets.

I was very intrigued when I saw 3D Sculpture company called Arty Lobster who make lifelike figurines of your pets. With my lovely horse Zeb in his advancing years, I thought it would be a great way to have him still with me now and when he leaves (I hope not for a long time yet!) to canter over Rainbow Bridge.

The process of ordering your 3D sculpture was very easy. You send in up to ten photos of your horse or pony and then they create a proof for you to approve, which came through very quickly. After you give Arty Lobster the go ahead, they set to work making your lifelike figurine of your horse using 3D printers. It can take up to six weeks for your order to arrive due to high demand but it is worth the wait.

So I opened my parcel with excitement to see the model of my lovely Zeb and I was not disappointed. It was quite emotional actually seeing the horse that I have had in my life for over thirteen years in a model form. The model is quite toy like which I really liked as it was different. (Please note the model cannot be used as a toy) They got his colouring and markings really well and he came standing on a solid brass plate with his name engraved on it. Personally, I think the plate is a little heavy compared to the lightness of the sandstone sculpture but it does add a touch of quality to the model.



So Zeb now sits proudly on my office windowsill which is where I spend many hours a day. It really is a super way to commemorate your pet whether they are still with you or have passed on. They would also make a super gift for someone special in your life, particularly if they have lost a beloved pet. So make sure you visit Arty Lobster and remember your pet in a different way by having them sitting or standing proudly on your shelf or windowsill for many decades to come, never to be forgotten.


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