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05 April,2018

Looking After Your Horse The Organic Way With Topline Naturals

Topline Naturals is the first company to be licensed by The Soil Association, Europe’s most well-respected organic certifying body, for equine products. If you would like to use a more natural product on your horse, then Topline Naturals have a wide range of organic grooming products that you can use knowing that they are kind to the environment and better for you and your horse’s health. But are they as effective as chemical based equestrian products, especially when it comes to all aspects of horse care?

We asked three horse owners to test out three of Topline Naturals most popular products and give us their honest views:


Hoof Dressing

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using Topline Naturals’ Organic Hoof Dressing on all three of our horses (a Thoroughbred, a Welsh Mounting pony and an Irish Draft cross Warmblood). I have been amazed at the results and all three of the boys (the horses) have not only better-looking hooves, but they’re also much healthier and less cracked. Since using the Hoof Dressing, our one horse (the IDxWB) has just broken his record for keeping his shoes on (8 weeks!) – a coincidence, I think not – although we do also have a fantastic farrier that we’ve been working with too.

I’m chuffed that this natural product is helping our boy’s hooves, but I also love that fact that it is also an organic product. I’m extremely fussy about what chemicals (if any) that I use when dealing with the boys and my hope one day very soon, is to have a grooming kit that is completely chemical free. I applaud Topline Naturals for taking this major step in the right direction and offering us a natural and ethically sourced product that we can use on our beloved horses. Also, the smell is phenomenal! I have had so many people comment on it when out hacking. It’s very easy to apply and Topline Naturals have even included an application brush so you can start using it straight away. Becca Vincent



Leather Balm

I put the Topline Natural Leather Balm to its first test as soon as it arrived through the door and it passed “the scent test” with flying colours! The balm smells deliciously of honey and citrus fruits, like those 100% natural body butters that come with a reminder not to try eating them. This seemed like the perfect weekend to put the Leather Balm through its paces as my tack took a bit of a beating. Starks and I took advantage of the break in the rain to have a good gallop on the common, so between the mud splats, cold weather and hours of use my poor tack was desperate for some TLC!

To be honest, I’m impressed. The balm has a similar texture to body butter as well as aroma, so it’s much easier to apply than the solid bars of soap I would normally use. I often worry with traditional saddle soap that my tack ends up more wet than it does clean and there’s none of that concern here. I found the leather balm goes really far as well, I only needed a small amount to thoroughly go over all of my tack. I also liked that you could really see the leather absorbing the conditioning oils and my tack went from quite dry and tired looking to healthy and refreshed in one quick session. I’m hoping that repeated use will really show the benefits. The fact that it’s 99% organic is just a bonus really since it works so well, but is great knowing that you aren’t adding chemicals to your horse’s environment or your own skin! Sara Hughes


Nourishing Shampoo

After another miserable winter, I have been desperate for some sunshine to give my big bay boy Carat a much needed bath. As an older thoroughbred he has been heavily rugged, and of course, his coat has suffered because of it. He has been clipped (blanket) a couple of times but not been doing a lot of work. Heading into spring his coat is greasy, scurfy and lacking a certain lustre.

I was thrilled to be selected to test the nourishing shampoo from Topline Naturals. The shampoo smelt delicious, and as a 75% organic product, I was reassured that it wouldn’t be full of any harsh chemicals. I took advantage of a rare sunny day with my toddler at nursery to ride then bath the boy. The shampoo recommended applying directly to a wet coat, via a sponge or straight onto the horse. It lathered up well and a little went a long way. As well as a full all-over scrub for the main man, I also diluted a little in some warm water to wash off our other bay Charlie who was rather sweaty from his ride.

On bringing the horses in this evening I was amazed at how soft and shiny Carat’s coat was. Both his clip and full coat had a mega shine to them, with no remaining scurf or grease. His mane and tail also felt softer with a healthy sheen to them. Charlie also has a noticeably softer coat on his girth and saddle areas that I had given a very quick ‘sponge over too.

I am incredibly pleased with this shampoo, having used a whole host of different products over the year (some horse specific, others not) and I cannot honestly remember noticing such different in general coat quality from just one wash. Highly recommended and I shall certainly be replacing this bottle when it runs out. Claire Berry

Working in collaboration with Topline Naturals:


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