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Life Matters: How Grief and Horses Changed My Life

Former Haynet forum blogger, Kathryn White (Myrtle Musings), has written her first book. Life Matters is an inspirational and heart-warming personal account of how Kathryn’s courage and determination – along with her unwavering love of horses – has helped her to rebuild her life following the death of her husband, Ian.

In 2008, Ian was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumour; he died just nine weeks later. Widowed at 37 and overwhelmed, Kathryn vowed to live the life she had dreamt of as a young child, to honour Ian and the dreams he never got to fulfil.

Extracts from Kathryn’s diary provide poignant insights into her emotional state during Ian’s illness and following his death. Despite the gloom and despair, the couple still found lots to laugh about and humour punctuates the story as Kathryn shares the challenges she’s faced.

“Life Matters is a story of strength over adversity, and one, which sadly many people will relate to.” Sue Farrington Smith, MBE, Chief Executive, Brain Tumour Research

“A truly moving and uplifting book.” Alex Wade, writer, lawyer, journalist

“Wonderfully well written and expressed, offering comfort as well as some practical advice and warnings of the pitfalls and traps that lie ahead after a bereavement. It is moving, poignant, but uplifting, too – a tribute to the power of love and a testament to the strength and fortitude of the human spirit.” Karen Bush, author

About the author:

Kathryn lives in the beautiful Chiltern Hills with her horse, dog and cat. She runs a successful medical writing business, Cathean Ltd, to support the development, approval and marketing of new medicines for healthcare companies around the world.

An equestrian journalist for 10 years, Kathryn has written articles and online content for equestrian businesses and magazines.

When she’s not word-smithing or horse riding, Kathryn loves running, playing hockey, catching up with friends over a coffee (and slice of cake) or practicing yoga and Reiki.

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  • Carol Hewson

    So true. I was horse mad from dot. Did all exams and lived and breathed horses 24/7. Even wheel chair bound does not mean I cannot have the fix from horses. I am currently RDA Carriage Driving from wheelchair and the Lincolnshire Wolds RDA Carriage Driving Group have been fantastic and always there for me no matter what. It is the light at the end of a tunnel. You just cannot cut the horse content when your life has been spent working / training / competing horses. There is no obstacles that cannot be overcome!!