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07 July,2018

Life Matters by Kathryn White – A Review

Reviewed by Vanessa Hill

I was recently sent a book Life Matters by Kathryn White to read for Haynet Book Reviews section. This is a beautifully written book, which I must admit had me both in tears and then smiling in return. It tells Kathryn’s life story from a pony mad child who struggled to “fit in” with her contemporaries who were more fashion and boy orientated leading to Kathryn spending all her spare time at the local stables. After finishing school, she then headed off to University where she met her future husband Ian.

They both shared a love of the countryside and horses. The story progresses in how they found their two horses and enjoyed a mutual love of eventing which led to Kathryn going on to write for an online eventing magazine. During this time, they both felt they were “living the dream” until suddenly Ian receives the devastating diagnosis of having a terminal brain tumour. Kathryn describes in emotional detail the tell tale signs of the illness, with Ian forgetting things like his way in a dressage test, missing his exit on the motorway and what they thought at that time were migraine headaches. Sadly from the day of Ian’s diagnosis to when he passed away was only nine weeks, and Kathryn found herself a widow at the young age of thirty seven..

The story continues with how her horses Willow and Moose helped get her through the bad time to how she had to learn to do things for herself like mending her shed roof!  Without giving too much away, Kathryn’s story continues with more tough times ahead in dealing with a loss of a partner and how life throws up more challenges.

I found it very emotional at times reading the book and was pleased that the author turned to counselling and alternative therapies. This was not only for herself but together with her horses worked with horse whisperers, life coaches, reiki, yoga and the quantum key therapy. With more animals coming into Kathryn’s life, it just showed how important they are together with good friends to rely on when times are challenging and the future looks bleak.

Reading this book helped me unlock many emotions that I had bottled up for nearly fifty years. I had been emotionally abused from the age of ten until my adoptive mother passed away… I would highly recommend anyone to read this book but especially those who have been bereaved or divorced as you will find a kinship with Life Matters and I think it will help.

I think to quote a line in the book is so true. “Life is Fleeting, Life Matters. And I intend to live mine to the full.

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About the author:

Kathryn lives in the beautiful Chiltern Hills with her horse, dog, and cat. She runs a successful medical writing business, Cathean Ltd, to support the development, approval, and marketing of new medicines for healthcare companies around the world.

An equestrian journalist for 10 years, Kathryn has written articles and online content for equestrian businesses and magazines.

When she’s not word-smithing or horse riding, Kathryn loves running, playing hockey, catching up with friends over a coffee (and slice of cake) or practicing yoga and Reiki.

You can find out more about Kathryn at

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