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23 May,2019

Huufe: The App that Pays You to Ride

Funding an equestrian habit is a universal struggle, but what if you were paid for your normal riding?

That’s what Huufe, the free riding app, is now doing. Riders have been able to exchange its digital currency, HuufeCoin, for discounts on equestrian brands for a while. But now HuufeCoin can be turned into actual cash!

Since launching the app last summer, Huufe founders Charlie Trietline and Richard Phillips, have been working on how to reward riders for their equine passion.

“We asked riders what they wanted from an app and it became apparent that if there was a way that technology could convert riding into something valuable, we would be on to something,” Trietline said.

Huufe added its reward currency ‘HuufeCoin’ in October. Huufe pays riders one HuufeCoin for every half an hour of riding. These can then be traded for big discounts from equestrian brands and now real cash, in the app’s marketplace.

Big Discounts

“We insist that equestrian brands give their best available discounts to Huufe’s marketplace” explains Trietline “and they are happy to do so because this is a super-efficient way of them reaching their best customers. Indeed, riders are saving up their HuufeCoin and making multiple repeat purchases with equine retailers because they are making such big savings. One rider has used the same ‘35% Discount’ offer to buy equestrian gear from Ride-away four times already! The brands are loving the repeat orders. A win-win situation.”

Getting Paid to Ride

This month, Huufe started offering cash rewards for HuufeCoin.

“We are starting to see riders who are saving serious amounts of HuufeCoin. So, we wanted to reward these dedicated equestrians with the ultimate reward” added Trietline.

The first two offer pay riders £100 (for 1000 HuufeCoin) and £1,000 (for 5000 HuufeCoin). There are further offers on their way.

These are really achievable, as riders can supplement their HuufeCoin earned from riding by simply visiting the app once a day or by inviting friends to join. “Early adopters of HuufeCoin will be able to cash in soon and dedicated riders have a real challenge to go for with our £1,000 Endurance Offer” said Trietline.

Supporting Equestrianism

The Huufe marketplace is deliberately a place where smaller equestrian companies can thrive alongside larger brands like Ride-away and Derby House.

“Supporting small equestrian businesses is important to us as these are the lifeblood of the equestrian support system. They benefit from our app messaging and social media presence to promote their great HuufeCoin offers” explains Phillips.

Huufe is also committed to supporting the wider community and is working with the working horse and donkey charity, Brooke, support their MyHackathon and with the BHS & BETA on safety campaigns that leverage the app’s technology.

The Huufe Team

The Huufe team included Ben Wood (the Commercial/Agency Director for Facebook EMEA), Will Connell (Director of Sport at US Equestrian Federation) and Richard Waygood (British Eventing Team Performance Director).

You can find out more about the Huufe app at:


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