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How To Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo – A Review

Written by Steve Thompson

Having a keen interest in all equestrian sport, I must admit polo is pretty alien to me. I also have to put my hands up and admit that I have never been to a polo match despite having a polo club that is pretty much on my doorstep.

It is a sport that appeals and it always looks like a super social day out enjoying this equestrian sport with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a smoked salmon blinis in the other! When I was offered the chance to read How To Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo, it was something that I was interested to see how you could look actually cool trying to grasp this equestrian sport. So when the book arrived, I was very keen to see if the author Steve Thompson could entice me into the world of polo.

My first impressions of the book itself were good. It was larger than I imagined with a high quality manual feel to the book. The images were appealing, funny and some that were tongue in cheek which made the book very easy to read and take on board the instructions on how to learn polo. I really liked its style, as sometimes trying to learn a sport or skill through a book can be tough going. This certainly was easy to read and absorb how polo is played. The book was clearly laid out with high quality images and chapters. With checklists, diagrams and hilarious cartoon anecdotes showing you from “how to loft your balls” to “scoring on and off the field”, this book is a breath of fresh air in its instructional form. Joking aside, it does have a serious training aspect to the book, which would teach an aspiring polo player easily.

So has it encouraged me to take up the sport? In all honesty no, but that is not the book’s fault. It is purely down to my slightly advancing years, creaking knees and the yearning to keep my equestrian sport to just a gentle hack! It has made me however, put another item on my bucket list and that is to actually go and watch a polo match and soak up the atmosphere, which I hope to tick off very soon.

This is a great book for all equestrian enthusiasts which would also make a great gift too. If you gifted this book to a young and bold rider, I think it would definitely inspire them to pick up a mallet, buckle up their Argentine belt and head off to the polo field looking incredibly cool!

Reviewed by Samantha Hobden

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