The Social Lead

How To Improve The Connection Between Brands And Their Customers Through Social Media

#Podcast 15 by Rhea Freeman

Social media is huge and you cannot ignore engaging with your clients through social platforms with your rural business. If you think that this is an area that needs improving, then Rhea Freeman talks about how to improve the connection with your audience and potential new clients through social media in Haynet’s latest podcast. If you think that chatting with your clients is only for the shop floor, then Rhea’s advice is to help you change in that way of thinking. So please come and have a listen.

Check out Haynets Podcast Library which is filling with advice from Rhea Freeman and Sam Hobden on all aspects of rural social media marketing. Our next podcast is all about the rise of the Facebook blogger and can they be deemed to be bloggers by using a social network only? So kick off your wellies and plug yourself in!