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Hay Bale
01 January,2020

How To Achieve Your Equestrian Goals In 2020

With a New Year, new decade and resolutions being made, it’s the time of year when we reflect back on what needs improving in our lives or cutting back on! According to a recent poll, here are 2020’s top five New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Eat Better
  2. Exercise More
  3. Spend Less, Save More
  4. Look After Your Mind and Mental Health
  5. Learn A New Skill

This list has changed slightly in the last decade which usually has the quitting or reducing your drinking, smoking and eating badly. This years list is more about enjoying life, keeping your mind healthy and learning new skills which is something we should all embrace. Life is short and we should live life to the full, especially doing the things we enjoy! So why not concentrate on spending time with your horse this year and set yourself some goals that you want to achieve with your horse riding?

Make a wish list of what you want to achieve with your horse this year. This list doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to have huge accomplishments on it either. It can be anything from making a concentrated effort to ride at least four times a week or making that trip to the beach to gallop along the sands. Don’t talk about – do it in 2020! If you need some motivational advice, here are Haynet’s top five tips to keep you on the equestrian track to accomplish your goals:

1 Write A List Of Your Equestrian Goals

Writing down what you want to achieve this year is the constant reminder of making sure you keep in mind what you want to do with your horse. They don’t have to be huge goals either. Perhaps this year you want to take a back seat from competing and enjoy hacking out more? How about learning some more in hand techniques with your horse? Do something different and from the norm! On the other hand, you may want to push your comfort zone and try and do some eventing? And why not? Start small and aim big. How about going to some cross country clinics when dressage has always been your forte? This list doesn’t have to be pinned to the fridge or plastered on the tack room wall, it can be set in your brain…or easier still tap it into the notes of your phone, or write it on a post it note and have it in your purse. Just be able to see it and remind yourself.

2 Get Motivated With An Equestrian Friend

Going it alone is hard and willpower has to be strong to keep to your goals especially with horses. Why not enlist a horse riding friend to help you with motivation? Double check the list of what you want to achieve with your horse this year and join forces with a friend. There is nothing better than having some riding fun together. If you want to go on a sponsored ride this year for the first time, it’s easy to go with company for you and your horse. If you want to do your first dressage test, ask a friend to help you with calling out the test for example.

3 Make Time

This is probably the hardest one of all in order to achieve your goals. Sadly time is always a factor when you have work and a family to then fit a horse in your already hectic life. We spend a lot of our day sometimes losing half an hour here or there which could equate to a couple of hours if managed efficiently.

Does the house need hoovering again for the third time in the week or can you do the food shopping online to save some time? Perhaps spend half an hour less on the internet or watching tv on some days – you could manage that couldn’t you? Then use this time to perhaps to do some more schooling, grooming and spending time with your horse or going to watch a dressage clinic. Stop making excuses and MAKE TIME!

4 Visualise And Be Positive In Setting New Challenges

Start visualising your goals and be positive in that you CAN achieve these things you have set out to do with your horse this year. If you would love to go on a riding holiday, then imagine how fantastic it would be trekking in the mountains on horseback and what a wonderful and exhilarating time it would be.  Clear those negative thoughts of “what if”. If you risk assess everything that happens in life, especially when riding horses all of us would be housebound, twenty four seven, wrapped in bubble wrap! So book that horse riding holiday in the next few weeks, or your first showing class in the spring – don’t delay just do it.

5 Don’t Be Hard On Yourself Or Your Horse

Set attainable goals and take small steps to achieve the challenges you have set yourself or your horse. If jumping your horse is a little nerve wracking but something you want to overcome, then setting a goal to jump and clear triple bars and then an oxer maybe a little too much to start with! Start small and move slowly up, be patient and be patient with your horse. Don’t be disappointed if you do not meet your goals or only some of them, give yourself time.

If you want to set yourself a target with your horse goals, then why not start writing your blog in the New Year? Blogging and keeping a record socially is a brilliant way of documenting the highs and lows that living with horses can bring. Having support from like-minded horse enthusiasts is a super way of keeping motivated and picking you up when times are tough. Remember if the plan doesn’t work, then change the plan but never the goal….

by Samantha Hobden

Image credit: Pixabay


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