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How Not To Make Mistakes When Rebranding Your Rural Business

Podcast #14 by Sam Hobden

There may come a time when running a rural business that you may be shifting focus, offering a new service or changing the products you sell which would invite a rebrand. Having been through a rebrand myself with Haynet accommodating the new changes, it is a process that needs to be well planned and thought through. Having not given much thought when starting up Haynet seven years ago, my recent rebrand was a big learning curve spending more time and thought on the process!

The latest podcast in the Haynet series is all about how not to make mistakes when rebranding your rural business. Come and have a listen to my top tips in making it a success and not making mistakes along the way:

Please also come and check out Haynets Podcast Library which is filling with advice from Rhea Freeman and Sam Hobden on all aspects of rural social media marketing.  So quick off your wellies and plug yourself in!

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