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Holey Moley! It’s Terrier Number Three

So if you have been following my new blog Terriers & Finns you may have read my post about my Terrier Dilemma. My dear little Kobe (a very handsome black and tan terrier and showing no bias whatsoever) fathered a litter with the lovely Dotty. After their little bit of romance, seven Jack Russell puppies were born at the beginning of January.

A bundle of pups

If you have ever bred animals before, you will know that surge of responsibility for these bundles that you have brought into this world. Kobe’s litter was no different. Dotty took most of a Friday to have her eight puppies. Sadly we lost one being stillborn but thankfully we had seven healthy puppies. I visited them a couple of days later and my heart just melted when I saw them all huddled together asleep with their mum. There always seems to be an underdog of the litter. ( I hate the word “runt”) And this was when my dilemma began…

Moley and his siblings

I instantly felt this connection with this tiny male tri coloured pup and I just felt this underdog could have a home with me. But as in my original post, three terriers are not for the faint hearted. As the weeks went by and every time I visited the pups, this little chap was my favourite. I had one week when I put my sensible head on as a friend of a friend was interested in having him. I knew they could give him a good countryside home and decided that if they were going to have him, then it was meant to be. A few days later I received a message saying it wasn’t the right time for them and they wouldn’t be taking him on. Decision made as far as I was concerned. He was coming to live with me and his dad!

Eight weeks quickly passed and ten days ago, not so little Moley arrived to start his life with my family. I have had quite a few experiences of raising puppies in the past but it never ceases to floor me how a small ball of fluff can have such an impact on your life. I am now armed with kitchen roll and anti-bac spray at all times. I have got to know my garden again, as I spend every hour out there encouraging Moley to use this as his toilet and not my living room floor…Feeding times have become a military operation and kong toys have become my saviour.

Moley meeting his dad for the first time

I am now looking forward to lead and recall training living in hope that this little Jack Russell will become an obedient and loyal dog…This week he is having his second jab which means he can go out in the big wide world. So harness training starts tomorrow… Recall training has been this week’s joy and my new stylish accessory is a whistle on a lanyard and a packet of dog treats in my pocket.

It is exhausting being a puppy

So my little blog I will be writing about the highs and lows of bringing up a Jack Russell puppy. When his little body twerks in excitement when he sees me, then I know I have made the right decision. His dad has embraced his arrival and they play excitedly together. Harley however, can take him or leave him. Well, actually probably leave him but I know he will mellow over the next few months. So onwards I go with a kong in one hand and a bottle of anti-bac spray in the other. Holey Moley it’s going to be a mad summer!

Newly mown damp grass is not good for pure white paws…

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