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07 September,2018

Haygain provide 22 steamers for use by all of the 1,500 horses competing at WEG

The battle for medals at the FEI World Equestrian Games has never been so hot. After a Summer of spectacular competition and with an interesting British team, our riders have landed and are ready to tackle the title. A total of 1,500 horses are set to compete over the next 2 weeks at the North Carolina venue, across a variety of disciplines. 

Professional riders truly understand the need for clean, healthy forage for their athlete, after all, dusty, mouldy forage has been directly linked with respiratory issues. At the request of riders, stable managers and veterinarians, Haygain has 22 HG 2000 hay steamers ready and waiting for horses arriving from all over the world. Each HG 2000 can steam one whole bale of hay per one-hour cycle, so there will be a lot of clean, fresh, heavenly-scented hay in the stables throughout the competition’s coming two weeks. 

Using it’s patented manifold spike system to inject 100°c steam into the centre of the bale, these units will perform Haygain’s trademark task of ridding nearly all respirable particles from the forage – including the dust, mould, spores and bacteria found in even the best quality hay. 


Reflecting wide-spread acknowledgement of how important respiratory health is to performance, steamed hay requests came from far and wide: Germany and Switzerland to Canada and Ireland and well beyond. Thirty teams representing eight countries and 160-plus horses sent requests in the months preceding the Games. They came on behalf of horses competing in all of the WEG’s eight very different disciplines: dressage, para-dressage, eventing, jumping, reining, endurance, vaulting and driving. 

Haygain’s WEG home-base in the Vendor Village is also a great place to re-energise tired legs while testing out the ComfortStall® Orthopaedic Sealed Flooring System.  The Forager™ Slow Feeder and the Flexineb® Portable Equine Nebulizer will also be on hand, along with friendly Haygain experts. 

For more information please visit or call 03332005233. 


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