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I love to write. This is why Haynet started!  The Hay Bale are my posts which I hope you enjoy reading, most are factual but some are just my thoughts about rural or equestrian topics that I feel passionate about!

I also have a separate blog page (coming soon) which is all about my personal goings-on which is how I started blogging.

I hope you enjoy my observations from the stables to the fields…

How To Grow Your Equestrian Business Using Social Media And Blog Content

Love it or loathe it the internet is here to stay, with trends changing every year in the technical world and […]

How To Achieve Your Equestrian Goals In 2020

With a New Year, new decade and resolutions being made, it’s the time of year when we reflect back on […]

Showjumping Legend: Ryan’s Son

No horse show, when they were shown on mainstream television, was complete without a spectacular round from John Whitaker’s Ryan’s […]

Hazardous Hacking

If you Google the term “Happy Hacker” it will either show you articles on website criminality or you will find […]

Boredom Busters For Stable Bound Horses

Is there nothing more deflating when you hear the words “box rest”? Having a horse stable bound due to illness […]

Schooling Without A School

Schooling outside the arena is a great way to keep horses interested in their work. There are no areas on […]

Respiratory Problems In Horses

If your horse is coughing, has a runny nose and appears generally listless and sick it is obvious there is […]

Emma Bridgewater: The Queen of Dots and Hearts

Is there nothing better than a slice of cake on a plate dotted with hearts? Probably not! Thanks to Emma […]

Five Countryside Interior Accessories You Need This Autumn

With the nights drawing in and golden leaves falling, autumn is showing its arrival. Weekends will be soon wrapping up […]

Perhaps Think Twice Before You Type

With Twitter trolls, Facebook fiends and forum nasties, social media can sometimes revert to being back in the school playground!  […]

PODCAST: How To Make Your Tack Shop Stand Out

Podcast #20 by Sam Hobden The humble tack shop or saddlery business is a very valuable asset within the equestrian […]

How To Make Your Tack Shop Stand Out To Online Competition

I bumped into a lady recently who I used to see nearly every week. She is the manager of a […]

Finding A Horse That Is Right For You Both

Talking with a friend recently who had finally bought a horse after a lengthy search, it came to me that it […]

How Often Should You Be Posting On Your Blog?

Podcast #19 by Sam Hobden Writing a blog can be a big commitment and sometimes we may feel we are […]

Should You Blog Only In A Particular Niche?

Podcast #18 by Sam Hobden As you know my blogging theme for the past decade has been about horses and […]

Badminton Horse Trials – Showing Equestrian Sport And Country Life At Its Best

Following the lanes with its creamy Cotswold dry stone walls lined with lush spring greenery, always brings a smile to […]

Top Five Country Style Shops to Visit at Badminton Horse Trials

Next week when turning the calendar page over to May brings only excitement to all equestrian enthusiasts. This means Badminton […]

Tribute To Lorraine Jennings

by Samantha Hobden Nearly ten years ago when the internet was starting to implode in our lives, I started searching […]

The Hardy Highland Pony

A renown favourite with our Queen these tough, hardy and sturdy Highland ponies have been very adept in caring for […]

The Queen’s Love Of Horse Racing

On the Queen’s fourth birthday, her father King George VI gave her a delightful shaggy Shetland pony called Penny. From […]

Top Five Country Shows To Visit In 2019

With spring arriving in the next few months, attention turns to day trips or weekends away making the most of […]

Countryside Home: Give Your Bedroom A Rural Theme

With a start of a New Year, thoughts may turn to projects within your home over the next twelve months. […]

New Year, New Horse

Is this something you have been thinking about or yearning to achieve your dream? Horse ownership is a wonderful way […]

Olympia Horse Show: A Very Christmas Tradition

As traditional as mince pies and mistletoe, Olympia The London International Horse Show is a very Christmas heritage. If you […]

Countryside Your Christmas Tree

With Christmas trees springing up in front rooms all over the world, decorating your tree can be a very personal […]

Should We Be Blogging Solely Through A Social Network?

Podcast #16 by Sam Hobden Blogging through a social network, especially Facebook is on the rise. But can writing content […]

Living With An Aga

The Aga cooker I think gets a rough deal sometimes. It has a reputation for being a posh middle class […]

Aggression In The Herd

Working around a horse why do most readily accept grooming, picking up feet, leading in hand but turn them out […]

Equestrian Autumn Trends On The Catwalk

With London Fashion Week on the horizon, the fashion catwalks are already showcasing Spring/Summer 2019 trends. With summer 2018 galloping […]

Visiting Old Traditions with the Shrimp Fisherman on Horseback

I adore giant horses, the bigger the gentler as far as I am concerned. So, when Claire from Equipassion UK […]

The Realities Of Being A First Time Horse Owner

It has been fourteen whole years that I was in horse ownership, sadly those days for me are over after losing […]

Beautiful Bonny Blair and The Royal Highland Show

Last weekend, I flew up to Scotland for a second time this year to visit Blair Castle International Horse Trials after visiting […]

How Not To Make Mistakes When Rebranding Your Rural Business

Podcast #14 by Sam Hobden There may come a time when running a rural business that you may be shifting […]

Horse Incidents On The Ground

How many times have you heard when a horse is having a tantrum, that you would rather be on board […]

Counting The Equestrian Costs

If you can remember the nostalgic years of Follyfoot Farm and Black Beauty on your black and white TV set, […]

Introduce Your Children To Horse Riding This Summer

With the summer holidays on the horizon, the weeks seem long ahead in entertaining children and finding them interesting and […]

Looking After Horses In The Summer Heat

The main priority of caring for horses in the summer is to make sure they are well hydrated and kept […]

Hi Viz Is A Fashion Life Saver

It has been a grumble of mine ever since I got back into riding many years ago, that hacking out […]

Five Country Style Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

With Fathers Day in the UK fast approaching on Sunday 17th June, the dad’s in our lives can sometimes be […]

Top Countryside Wall Coverings For 2018

If the countryside is your passion, then it is comforting to reflect this style in your home. From tweed throws […]

Enjoying The British Countryside Safely and Respectfully

Whether you are lucky enough to live rurally or make regular trips to the countryside at the weekend, there is […]

How To Stay Motivated To Keep Blogging

We all have phases when writing our blog or providing content for our business page can all seem too much […]

Definitely Not A One Trick Pony!

Teaching horses tricks can be an excellent way to bond with your horse and also encourage obedience and compliance which […]

Equestrian Fun Without A Horse

There is nothing better than hacking out in the warm sunshine, or the feeling of pride at winning a rosette […]

5 Top Tips For Washing Horse Laundry

I have a confession to make… In fact, I think every horse owner probably has the same confession. When I […]

5 Reasons To Start Writing Your Equestrian Blog

I wonder how many pictures you have on your phone of your horse and pony? Too many to count I […]

Sheila Willcox – Badminton Hall of Fame

Sheila Willcox is a British born eventer who won many national and international three-day events, including Badminton Horse Trials and the European Championships. […]

No Foot No Horse

Nothing rings truer than the old saying ‘No Foot, No Horse’, without good hooves you quite literally have no horse […]

The Queen and her Horses

Another birthday and the Queen will be wanting minimum fuss. Despite the pomp and pageantry, our Queen would like nothing […]

Bridleways – Use Them or Lose Them!

With our roads and lanes becoming as busy as the streets of Monaco, it’s no wonder us horse riders hanker […]

The One and Only Red Rum

As a child, I remember sitting with my dad looking through the newspaper picking a horse in the Grand National. […]

Helping Your Veteran Horse Get Over The Winter

With spring definitely getting a grip now, worn out horse owners can take a little respite from the work that […]

Trailer Checks Every Horse Owner Should Make Before Travelling

Spring is finally here and perhaps you and your horse have had some winter rest, meaning your horse trailer has […]

The Rare and Endangered Przewalski Horse

The only truly wild horse is the Przewalski’s horse which is a rare and endangered native from central Asia. These […]

Why I Won’t Be Buying Another Horse

I lost my horse last week. And it has been devastating. I owned him for fourteen years and his long […]

Saying Goodbye To The Horse Behind Haynet – The Lovely Zeb

It’s been a very difficult week, so apologies for not my normal Haynet newsletter. I have lost my lovely Zeb this […]

On The Bit

Quote ‘on the bit’ is not solely about the horse’s head position ‘On the bit’ is a term that is heard […]

Why Should You Use Video When Marketing Your Rural Business Or Blog?

Do you like to see yourself on film? No? Me too, I am not comfortable with being filmed. But like […]

#5Photos1Day HorseBloggers Challenge

Setting up challenges in the #HorseBloggers Meet Up group on Facebook has really happened by accident! Last month within the […]

Five Things You Need To Get You Through Winter With Horses

1 Sense of Humour This is the only thing that will get you through winter when owning horses. If you […]

The Fantastic Fjord Horse

The Fjord horse is an ancient breed with a distinct appearance. Originating from Norway, this horse differs from other breeds […]

#HorseBloggers Vlogging Challenge Jan 2018

New year, new challenges? Well, this is the start of some blogging/vlogging challenges that have been set by me in […]

5 Top Equestrian B&B’s in the UK

Bring your horse on holiday! With the grey days of winter, why not lift your spirits and plan some summer […]

What Makes A Blogger An Influencer And Does It Matter?

Haynets new podcast series has had a popular reception and our library is slowly building with Rhea and Sams help and advice. They […]

How To Deal With Colic In Horses

Being in the depths of winter means our horses are likely to be spending more time stabled than roaming around […]

My Favourite Equestrian TV Series: Flambards

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel, a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it […]

My Stable Routine – Where To Save Time and Money!

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it […]

How Can Using The Hashtag #HorseBloggers Help When Promoting Your Equine Blog Content?

Haynets new podcast series has had a popular reception and our library is slowly building with Rhea and Sams help and advice. They […]

Marengo: Napoleons Courageous Mount

Marengo (1793–1831) was the famous war mount of Napoleon I of France. Marengo, a grey Arab was believed to have been bred […]

My Favourite Bit Of Kit

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it […]

Sarcoids: The Skin Nasty

Just the mention of the word Sarcoids will tip any horse owner over the edge in fear of these scaly, […]

31 Equestrian Blogging Ideas To Keep You Writing

Throughout the month of August earlier this year, #HorseBloggers through it’s dedicated Twitter channel posted a tip every day helping […]

5 Things To Remember When Hacking Out During The Winter

With winter arriving horse owners have to dig deep and get through the next few months battling the elements. With […]

Gentle Giants: The Shire Horse

I have only come across a few Shire horses in my time, but I absolutely love them. My father-in-law used […]

What Makes A Good Blogger? by Sam Hobden Podcast #4

Haynet recently launched a new series of podcasts which we hope will be a learning tool for horse bloggers and those […]

5 Top Tips When Buying An Event Horse

With the dark evenings and crisp, cold mornings can only mean one thing. Winter has arrived and the eventing season […]

Trotting Towards Horse Ownership

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it […]

How To Budget Your Costs In Horse Ownership

With the media full of talk of rising interest rates and financial cutbacks, our budgets are being stretched together with […]

Hi-Viz The Equestrian Fashion Life Saver

The nights are drawing in and early mornings are taking time to get light, this means autumn is here with […]

Stable Yard Safety

For someone that stood on a shavings fork the other day, with it resulting by a smack in the face […]

Clipping ‘eck, It’s That Time Of Year Again

Among the tack rooms and hay barns on most horse yards in October is the hairy subject of clipping horses. […]

Elizabeth Taylor and “The Pie”

In many ways, it was a horse who first brought an exquisite 11-year-old actress named Elizabeth Taylor to the public’s […]

The Golden Light Of Hope For Arthritic Horses

A few summers ago, I was faced with a diagnosis of degenerative arthritis in my then, very lame and stiff […]

Edgar Degas – Painter of Racehorses

Edgar Degas (19 July 1834 – 27 September 1917)  was an acclaimed painter, printmaker, sculpture and an early pioneer of Impressionism. Today […]

It’s Actually OK Not To Have Riding Ambition!

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it […]

One Hand On The Reins And One Hand On The Cradle

It seems on the outside a very easy return for some high profile equestrian competitor mums that seem to jump […]

Riding In An Era Gone By

I won’t divulge my age on paper but I grew up in what is now a nostalgic time when learning […]

Black Beauty: Back To The Seventies

I challenge you not to see the pictures shown of the super and majestic Black Beauty and not start humming […]

For The Love Of Thelwell

How many of you grew up with horses and ponies in the last 40 years had a Thelwell annual, a […]

What is the best blogging platform to use? by Sam Hobden Podcast #2

Haynet has launched a new series of podcasts which we hope will be a learning tool for horse bloggers and […]

Team With Tweed This Autumn

With autumn leaves falling and the countryside giving us it’s orangey glow, summer shorts and flip flops are now being […]

The Bigger The Horse The Better!

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing when it […]

Living With Cancer and Horse Ownership

Imagine our stunned faces at my yard when a good friend sat down and told us she has breast cancer. […]

Battle of the Bots!

There are some summers where the bot flies stay away or there are summers where they make their presence […]

What To Do In A Horse Riding Accident

Having recently been involved in assisting a very serious horse riding accident, it became apparent that there were certain things […]

A Dummies Guide To The World Of Horse Bits

I will hold my hands up and say I find the whole world of bitting horses a complete minefield. Is […]

The Finn Horse, A Breed Close To My Heart

Being half Finnish and having the equine bug, I have become very interested in the horses that are popular in […]

All Worked Up – Dealing With Sensitive Horses

I sometimes wonder whether my horse has a split personality, very sunshine and showers. Luckily the sunshine comes through most […]

Looking Back On A Pony Obsessed Childhood

Throughout the month of August, I posted through the #HorseBloggers channel a top tip every day in keeping topics flowing […]

A Typical Worry

Summer seems to have skipped by and autumn is knocking on the stable door. The flies will soon disappear, the […]

Loaning A Horse

Owning a horse has huge responsibilities needing lots of time, care and a big purse! However every horse owner you […]

5 Things To Love About Horses And Ponies

A love for a horse is something only every horse owner and rider knows. Here are our top five things that […]

My Rural Rant – Driving, Cycling and Hacking On Our Lanes

Most weekdays I make a ten minute drive each way to my yard to tend to my horse and his […]

Sam Hobden from Haynet Features in ECNLive Intervlog

Answering our ECNLive ‘intervlog’ questions this week, is Samantha Hobden from the equestrian and countryside blogging network, Haynet.

I Am Only A Happy Hacker

If you look up on the internet the term “Happy Hacker” it will either show you articles on website criminality […]

If you loved the blog post, then share the love

There are many dedicated equestrian and countryside bloggers who write some interesting and helpful posts. Perhaps you read these posts […]

Choke Is No Joke In Horses

Having dealt with choke on several occasions and a horse on my yard having a severe bout recently, spotting the […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Stable Wall

Who is the fairest of them all? Of course every horse owner would say their horse of course! However, what […]

Top Five Tips to be a Fab Blogger!

Does it ruin your day when your blog posts do not receive comments or are not re-tweeted or shared on Facebook? My first […]

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