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Having all four business feet on the ground. When it comes to your business.

We are so lucky these days when it comes to business, the internet offers us the opportunity to reach new people daily.  Enabling us to stay in contact with clients and customers and do it simply quickly and easily.

But many rural businesses don’t have an email list!

Or if they do they struggle to use it and the list is cold and frosty!

Email List Business

Email should be a vital part of your marketing and client retention.  But because Facebook and Instagram have become such giants in helping businesses online.  And the platforms are so simple to post to.  Many equestrian entrepreneurs, have discounted using an email list as part of their marketing strategy.   Focussing on Facebook as their number one method to drive traffic to their website and to contacting their followers and fans. 

But building your business this way is…..


Part of what I teach is that you need you need to prioritise building a list above building your Facebook page and profile!

I know it doesn’t give the same rush of dopamine to the brain but there is a vital reason I do this:

Facebook, Instagram, Linked in etc. they are not your platform and it could all end tomorrow!

Your list is yours to contact whenever and you have direct access to their inbox.

Yes, there are lot of new tech ways, messenger bots etc. to contact people, but email still is one of the best and simplest (and actually less intrusive ways) to build relationships and repeat sales.

I recently watched in horror as Facebook blocked a friends  business page entirely and took it down and then I sympathised with a friend when all her website links from her facebook  and Instagram page stopped working!

The impact on their business was devastating!

So please, don’t build your house on sand.


Get you email list set up. .

Then you can use Facebook to build your list instead and should you fall prey to the algorithm or facebook police,  it won’t matter for you will be business as usual.

And if you need help, with setting up an email list for your business. Visit my website.


Jenni Bush

The Equine Business Assistant

Jenni Bush