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Preparing for a return to competing… are you ready?

With many of us eager to return to competing or adventures out with our horses its worth spending some though […]

How To Make Your Horse Swing Both Ways

Is your horse one sided? Most have a stiffer side. He may choose one canter lead over the other, have […]

Sweet Itch

Sweet Itch is a problem that affects thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys in many countries of the world to […]

May with Little Alf and Hannah Russell

It’s May and lockdown continues, me and Alf have been making to most of the sunshine over the last week […]

Get Your Horse Connected

Does your horse feel a bit flat? Are you going through the motions but struggling to set the world on […]

PODCAST: Is It A Good Thing To Be Open and Honest With Your Feelings and Views When Blogging? by How Very Horsey

In this latest edition of the Haynet Podcast, our special guest is the fantastic Daisy from How Very Horsey who […]

How To Choose The Right African Horse Safari

For most horse lovers, the idea of galloping across the wide-open African savannahs, following ancient elephant paths and coming across […]

Dealing With Bucking & Rearing

There can’t be many riders who haven’t been bucked off a horse or pony at some stage. An experienced rider […]

Keep The Simple Change – Simple!

Do you find the whole idea of a simple change daunting? Do you think it’s beyond your capabilities or your […]

Going Underground

We all love and treasure our horses and ponies; they are such an important part of our lives. It is […]

Rural Books To Unwrap Under The Christmas Tree This Year

With only a few weeks to go until Santa pays a visit, present buying is in full force! There is […]

Haynet’s Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide

The festive season is now only a few weeks away and we will be having to fit in Christmas shopping […]

PODCAST: Why Are Product Reviews Good For Blog Engagement? by Gee Gee and Me

In this latest episode of the Haynet Podcast, we have special guest equestrian blogger Jessica from Gee Gee and Me. […]

Is Your Hand On The Brake?

Are you confused between energy and power (impulsion)? Don’t be. Energy is the fizz you get when you shake a […]

Discover woods on your next big adventure

With summer holidays now a distant memory, it’s time to start planning your next big adventure.  Whether it’s a tour […]

The Correct Lead – Can You Tell?

When you first learn to canter you’re taught to ask in a corner because it helps to put your horse […]

What’s Your Problem?

by Lorraine Jennings Is the thought of winter already getting you down? Don’t let it! Winter is miserable enough on […]

COPD in Horses

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is also known as Heaves, Equine Asthma, Emphysema or Broken Wind. For all of their bulk, courage […]

Sefton – A True Heroic Horse

Of all the horses recalled in history, there can’t be many that are braver than Sefton the courageous horse who […]

An expert guide to caring for your horse’s tack

In this article, Sean Whiting, Director of Houghton Country, offers his advice for cleaning and maintaining your horse’s tack. Good […]

PODCAST: Top Blogging Tips with The Forelock Journal

We have a super guest in our latest episode on the Haynet Podcast! Charlotte from The Forelock Journal is not […]

Don’t Forget The Outside!

by Lorraine Jennings Crookedness is blamed on many things – backs, saddles and even the horse’s attitude but before you […]

Foals and Foaling

With common sense, it should be easy for anyone to produce a well mannered and safe young horse or pony […]

Profiling The Horse

Profiling It is possible to make an evaluation of the conformation of the horse by profiling the individual with various […]

Five Healthy Snacks to Take When Competing

We already know that what we’re feeding our four-legged beasties is going to affect their way of going, in body […]

Don’t Stop Into Trot!

by Lorraine Jennings When you ask your horse for a canter to trot transition does he tip his head up? […]

Top Five Tips for a Healthier Life in The Saddle

1: Hydration: How many of us get up and immediately have a cup of coffee or tea? How often do […]

Tips for Tree Planting in Paddocks

Trees are an important part of paddock scenery. They provide shelter for livestock from sun, wind and rain and the […]

Something To Chew Over: The Signs Of A Bad Hay Bale

Hay (forage) makes up the majority of your horse feed and finding bales of hay that are not only high […]

Social Media Presence vs Website

Social Media presence is just as good as having your own website. And the beauty is that you don’t have […]

The Connemara Pony

“Not Just A Pretty Face” by Jacqui Broderick ‘As versatile as an egg’ as the slogan says. When it comes […]

Just A Circle?

by Lorraine Jennings When you read a dressage test how much attention do you give to 20m circles? If you’re […]

Who dressed one to watch Katie Preston for the Badminton Horse Trials trot-up?

Following rave reviews from the Badminton Radio commentators yesterday at Badminton Horse Trials, Lincolnshire-based business The Little Tweed Co. has […]

Stretch Him, Don’t Drop Him

by Lorraine Jennings When you ask your horse to stretch does he seem confused? Can you blame him? Ever since […]

Inattentive When Schooling? Is This You Or The Horse?

by Lorraine Jennings Is your horse more interested in what’s going on in the field next door? It’s a common […]

Considering Buying An Aga Range Cooker? Here’s What You Need To Know

The Aga range cooker is synonymous with countryside kitchens in the UK, being well-established on these shores for over 100 […]

Mareternal Instinct

An equine matchmaking story by Jacqui Broderick Forget about internet dating. Choosing a mate for Maddona is a serious business. […]

One Foot At A Time

or should that be hoof! Spring time is fantastic. The days are getting longer. There is some warmth in the […]

Where To Spend Your Social Media Marketing Budget

Podcast #17 by Rhea Freeman Most businesses will have a budget when it comes to promoting their brand through social […]

What to look for when finding a new instructor

Finding a new instructor is a big deal, and it’s not a commitment to take lightly. As with horses themselves, […]

A Double Barrel Month by Steffi de Bootman

With equine flu it seems all around, Laura Rose and I decided that as much as we wanted to go […]

Ah Spring!

I just love Spring, and its nearly here! You can feel it in the air, despite the cold, that the […]

Straighten Up

We all know how hard it is to ride a horse that is stiff, unbalanced, crooked or weak, but have […]

Having all four business feet on the ground. When it comes to your business.

We are so lucky these days when it comes to business, the internet offers us the opportunity to reach new […]

Don’t Lose It, Move It!

by Lorraine Jennings Fed up with hearing “He’s falling out” or “You’ve lost the shoulder”? Don’t worry. Most riders hear […]

Winter Colic – prevention is always better than cure

Colic is unfortunately an increasingly common issue as the colder weather sets in, resulting in abdominal pain for the horse. […]

A Good Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, and once again we are being constantly bombarded with messages to buy, buy, buy. […]

6 Reasons you need to vaccinate your horse

Do you vaccinate your horse? Statistics on how many people vaccinate their horses is quite limited, and it is estimated […]

Caring for an Older Horse or Pony

Over The Hill How old is old? Some horses in their late teens and early twenties are still competing at […]

How To Improve The Connection Between Brands And Their Customers Through Social Media

#Podcast 15 by Rhea Freeman Social media is huge and you cannot ignore engaging with your clients through social platforms with […]

6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Horse

Buying a horse is quite a heavy commitment, and not everyone’s ready for it. While most of us would love […]

The importance of confidence on the ground

When I remember competing as a child, my primary emotion is one of anxiety. Even now I can feel my […]

Should We Be Matching When Horse Riding?

If you have visited county shows or main horse events this summer, you couldn’t fail to notice the market for […]

5 Safety Tips for Horseback Riding Kids

While horses are an amazing experience for kids there are also risks involved so safety has to be paramount. However, […]

The Pros and Cons of Leg Protection

I’m sure you’re aware of the pros and cons of leg products such as boots and wraps and how riders […]

Caroline Bradley An Equestrian Legend

There is no doubt that one of the world’s greatest lady riders was showjumper Caroline Bradley.  Caroline was born on […]

When You Have A Bucking Problem

There can’t be many riders who haven’t been bucked off a horse or pony at some stage. An experienced rider […]

5 Tips For Bringing Your New Horse Home

Remember the last time that you moved to a new house? Can you remember how disorientated you felt? And how […]

All The Queen’s Horses – A Brief History of Her Majesty’s Equine Passion

The relationship between the Royal Family and their horses is one that goes back as long as anyone can remember […]

Five Minutes with Ros Canter

Equestrian Life is well-known for their rider interviews and recently took a few minutes out to catch up with popular […]

Is your Lorry or Trailer Ready for the Season Ahead?

For many of us, our lorries and trailers have probably stood idle for a few weeks and, most likely, months […]

5 Top Tips For Viewing A Horse

Going to view a horse for sale is rather like going on a date, both of you will be wanting […]

Tea in the Tack Room with Kate Owen

Kate Owen of Pony & Pup Photography has always enjoyed photography as a hobby. After a legal career in the […]

What Is Online Dressage?

“A great way for someone like myself lacking in confidence and transport to gain experience.” Dressage Anywhere member Dressage is a […]

The Dreaded Drop Fence

Alongside yawning ditches, heart-stopping drop fences rank amongst the scariest on any cross country fence. And yet, with the correct […]

Horse. Inspiration to Art – Part 1 by Urban Fraggle Art

In this three part series, we meet Joanne from Urban Fraggle Art who shares her story about her ever challenging […]

5 Top Tips For Buying A Horse

Before you pick the phone to book a viewing, and even before you begin trailing through adverts to find your […]

The Biochemistry of Itch

Imagine my joy when I arrived to ride my horse last summer and was confronted with this!  I had recently […]

Tea in the Tack Room with Kim Wilson

Pegasus Jewellery has a steeped history of British excellence. Jewellery is all that founder Kim Wilson has ever known and […]

Tea in the Tack Room with Tom Jackson

Kent born Tom Jackson has been surrounded by horses all his life. After finishing school with a sports scholarship, Tom spent […]

Importance of Riding Other Horses

The same as people having different characters, horses do as well. Their attitude, movement and the way they distribute their […]

Tea in the Tack Room With Daniele Bizzarro

Italian born Daniele Bizzarro swapped life on the outskirts of Turin for English soil to pursue an eventing career. Working […]

The Importance of Praise

I read this great story the other day about a teacher. The teacher wrote 20 sums on the board in […]

Laminitis is a common condition affecting many horses worldwide

LAMINITIS: 90% Metabolism / 10% Foot Although it finally affects the feet the problem begins in the metabolism of the […]

Should I Insure My Horse…….The Minefield That is Horse Insurance

As a practice manager of a busy equine veterinary practice, wife of a vet and horse owner I get to […]

In Sickness and Health

In its natural state the horse strives to do three things, to survive, to nourish itself and to reproduce. The […]

Gift Some Equestrian Style This Mothers Day

With Mothers Day upon us, this is the time of year to celebrate all these special mums and what they […]

Confidence and Goals. The Importance of a Diary to Me

Having badly neglected my blogs and my training diaries over the last couple of months I found myself needing to […]

Eight easy ways to go from ‘I can’t’ to ‘sure I can’

How would you like to be even more confident in your riding? How quickly would you like to use the […]

Performance Wear – Why You Should Wear It

As the light nights start to creep in and the event season approaches, our excitement and motivation increases and it […]

Top 3 Ex-Racehorse Retraining Tips From an Industry Professional

Your Key to OTTB Success I’d like to challenge some of the training advice I see out there from “experienced” […]

On The Market

Everyone it seems has a horse or pony for sale, but when you are looking to buy it seems that […]

Don’t Get Fit, Get Even by Laura Szuca

Having recently had a back operation I am currently spending a lot of my time not only getting some level […]

Solo Eventing: Top Tips

In a previous blog I wrote, Essential Eventing Kit for Wobbleberries, I completely forgot to include A GROOM!  This is […]

Cardboard bedding for happier horses

If you want to be kinder to your horse and give them a more comfortable night’s sleep, then BedKind could […]

How the abnormal becomes normal…

I was at the local swimming pool the other day with two children. As we were halfway through changing the […]

‘Tis the season of fresh horses…

Christmas in the countryside: drinking spiced mulled wine next to roaring pub fires. Walking through frosty fields, glittering and glistening […]

Six feet firmly on the ground – Loving horses without riding them

by Confessions of a Middle-Aged Stable Boy As the husband of a wife who has just got back into horsing […]

Naughty or struggling? Can you tell the difference?

Our horses rarely wake up in the morning, and think “today I will be really naughty…today I will only canter […]

What Not To Feed Your Horse

Working in Partnership with Country & Stable Diet is incredibly important for horses, but they can’t just eat anything. They […]

Testing Times: Riding The Perfect Dressage Test

Dressage, much maligned as ballet on horseback for those too scared to jump, is actually an essential part of training. […]

Too Old – Never!

I was in my thirties and pretty under-active.  I was scared of water and scared of heights into the bargain, […]

Top 10 Tips to Writing a Horse Advert

Selling your horse is hard. Making the decision to part ways is never easy and then where do you start? […]

Get On With It! How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Ride

I’d love to ride today – but I don’t have the time. Just looking at that sentence saddens me. What […]

Dealing With Loading Problems

NO! Thank you! Your horse has always loaded easily into the lorry or trailer and suddenly he changes his mind. What […]

Advantages and Challenges of Haylage

By Professor Meriel Moore-Colyer, Dean of the School of Equine Management and Science at the Royal Agricultural College.   With […]

Understanding and Recognising Fatigue in Horses

 by Dr David Marlin What is fatigue? In the context of horse sport, we use fatigue to describe the inability […]

Police Horses

If a horse could have a mission statement it would be ‘Act first, think later.’ Riding a fresh horse down […]

Handling a Foal

Early handling of the foal is essential to produce a well mannered horse. Time spent getting the foal used to […]

Don’t Over Think: Overcoming Horse Riding Nerves

The older I get the harder it becomes to control my nerves – while I’m not afraid of riding – […]

Bolting Horses

The danger of bolting horses has been highlighted recently in the press. A horse, still attached to a carriage bolted […]

Arrive Alive – Towing A Trailer

Imagine if someone suggested that you stood blindfold in a container while they swung it from side to side and […]

Is It A Monster? Dealing With Spooky Horses

The only horse that is 100% bomb proof is one that is dead! Otherwise there is a spook in there […]

Keeping Cool, Calm and Collected in the Show Ring

In every sport especially in front of an audience, requires a cool head and calm exterior to perform at your […]

Off Road

There around 10 deaths and over 100 traffic accidents on the road involving horses, many more riders suffer head and […]

9 equestrian podcasts you should be listening to

by Equestrian Creative Network I’ve recently seen an increase in the number of high profile, professionally-produced podcasts aimed at equestrian […]

Safety Tips When Horse Riding On The Road

Whether you’re riding on a main road or a country lane, horses and their riders are amongst the most vulnerable […]

Fit for the Job

It is amazing when you talk to anyone who doesn’t have any experience of riding. They have no concept of […]

Is The Equestrian Industry In Better Shape Than Five Years Ago? #1 Podcast

by Rhea Freeman Haynet has launched a new series of podcasts which we hope will be a learning tool for […]

To Rug – Or Not….

What the hell happened to summer? One minute we were whinging about the flies and the hard ground and the […]

Where To Spend Your Money On Riding Wear And What To Avoid

I wonder if we went back in time thirty or so years ago and had a look at a tack […]

The Question Of Getting On

The lad that competes my young ISH always amazes me with his ability to leap up on him from the […]

Get Ready For The Vet

Accidents can and do happen with horses. They also get ill, suffer minor injuries and also need routine treatments on […]

4 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Horsebox

So you’ve been training for some time now and you are thinking of entering your horse in a local or […]

How To Find An Established Equine Dentist

Just like us humans, keeping your horse’s’ health in check is hugely important. Their teeth are certainly no exception, and […]

That Time Of The Month…

Mares…. Over the years, mares have developed a reputation for being difficult while they’re in season, but the key to […]

The Perfect Trot

Ask any rider which pace they use most and the chances are they’ll say trot. Yet ask a dressage judge […]

Riding Side-Saddle

by Diana Kimpton Many years ago, the fashion for long skirts caused problems for ladies who wanted to ride. Sitting […]

Fearless cross country: Mastering ditches

Ditches are daunting – there is no doubt about it. A dark, looming hole at the front or beneath a […]

How To Rehabilitate Your Horse After Injury

When your horse sustains an injury of any severity, it is vital to ensure they have been properly rehabilitated. Like […]

How can I stop my horse bolting?

Bolting is when the horse runs away at speed from either a person or situation, with or without a rider. […]

Equestrian Tech: Helpful Apps for Modern Horse People

If you’re a dedicated equestrian, you know how important horse keeping is. It’s also a lot of hard work, so […]

Tips for reducing your horse’s vet bills

Country and Stable are leading suppliers of equestrian wear and country clothing, as well as horse equipment, boots and tack. Here […]

My Rural Rant – Driving, Cycling and Hacking On Our Lanes

Most weekdays I make a ten minute drive each way to my yard to tend to my horse and his […]

Mark Todd Reinga Waterproof Riding Over Trousers

Although summer is on its way, every self-respecting equestrian knows that at some point there will be a downpour and […]

Cushing Disease in Horses – What You Need to Know

Cushing’s Disease in horses used to be considered as a rare complication as they approached old age but more horses […]

5 Top Tips in Looking After Your Leather

With the cooler seasons fast approaching, leather boots are being dusted off, leather gloves are coming out the hall drawer […]

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