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23 October,2018

Get ready for Winter with Apt Cavalier

UK based equestrian performance brand Apt Cavalier gets ready for the Winter training season with a double product launch.

Apt Cavalier’s best-selling Performance Skin returns in a striking Royal Blue, and is as practical for Winter as it is for Summer. This skin doubles as a base layer and is constructed from top of the range, technical Italian fabric which features built in temperature regulation and muscle support. Combine this with the innovative mesh panelling on the back of the garment, and riders can ensure they will stay the perfect temperature at all times.

They have also launched their brand new Padded Yard Jacket in a stunning aubergine colour. This jacket is ideal for everyday wear as it is lightweight but incredibly warm and boasts an importance for animal welfare as the fill is 100% Polyester due to the importance the brand places on no feathers or fur featuring in their range.

“We want to move against the fast fashion trend and have created quality pieces which riders can build on and layer up to create a versatile wardrobe for all seasons; this is why we have chosen to manufacture our performance range right here in the UK. Horse riders spend so much money caring for their horses they deserve quality clothing that stands the test of time and keeps them comfortable in all weather”

Sarah Johnstone, Founder/CEO

Apt Cavalier was established in Scotland in 2017 and is already an established International company for amateur and professional horse riders who want to perform at their very best. Their range combines advanced technical fabrics and intelligent design which prioritises the riders comfort, freedom of movement and safety. The brand has a huge social following and is loved by riders from Grassroots up to 4*.

Photography by Dave Cameron Photography and Stevie Purves Photography





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