Exciting New Series Aims To Widen Audience of the U.K’s Equestrian Industry

Urban Equestrian has launched its brand-new production series  guaranteed to brighten up everybody’s locked in experience! 


The Urban Equestrian Academy is a ground-breaking, Leicestershire based, social enterprise led by founder, Fr33dom Zampaladus. Their aim is to change social and racial diversity in equestrian sports by creating a more accessible and inclusive equestrian environment for all, regardless of race, colour, culture, status or background.  

Many of you will be aware of ‘James Corden’s’ Carpool Karaoke. ‘CELEBRITIES IN THE SADDLE’  follows a similar structure to this production where the difference is that ‘Celebrities’ are invited to undertake a challenging hack with FR33DOM Zampaladus aka ‘The Urban Cowboy’.  

The six episodes will give guests a chance to understand the challenges faced by the U.K’s Urban Communities wanting to access the equestrian industry and the stereotypes/ stigmas associated with it.  

The hack will also give viewers and the guest a chance to meet FR33DOM’s and understand his vision, but also a chance to question him on the challenges he faced as a young man accessing this world back in his teens as well as discuss wider issues affecting us today. 

This production is exclusive to our YouTube channel (The Urban Equestrian Academy) so please subscribe to watch, for notifications, other exclusives, and fantastic features. 

We hope the production helps raise our profile, but also help us gain even more support through the many ways in which the public can get involved with our mission. 

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Grab your popcorn, we hope you enjoy!!! 

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