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25 June,2019

Equus: Light & Form by Drew Doggett

Photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett’s latest equestrian series uses his signature, fashion-inspired lens on an elite equestrian community in a new body of portraits.

Drew Doggett’s Studio is pleased to announce the release of his latest series, EQUUS: Light & Form. These works examine polo, dressage, and jumper horses through visual references to modern fashion photography while borrowing from the conventions of the studio.

EQUUS: Light & Form continues the artist’s affinity for documenting distinctive horses around the world using a fashion-inspired lens. Photographed to complement defining attributes like glistening coats, defined musculature, and immaculately braided manes and tails, these horses appear to be carved from stone.

Each of these animals are near-perfect examples of their species; they are confident, poised, and delicately sculpted with light. Doggett has photographed and filmed unique breeds of horses on Sable Island in Nova Scotia, Camargue in the South of France, and in Iceland. For the artist, horses are symbols of strength and beauty and are undeniably timeless as subjects. His equestrian images have garnered a worldwide collector base and acclaim in publications such as Conde Nast Traveler and Professional Photographer Magazine.

Doggett’s equestrian short films are equally as lauded, and have been shown at the Big Sur Film Festival and the Equus Film Festival where Doggett received the “Winnie” award for Best International Short Film. Drew Doggett is a photographer, director, and producer who focuses on places, objects, and cultures at risk of disappearing.

His practice is characterized by his passion for exploring and telling stories while utilizing the discipline and sympathies he learned working in fashion photography. His photographic work can be found in private and public collections globally, notably the Smithsonian African Art Museum (DC).

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Header image: Black Diamond (2019)


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