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Equimins Plaiting Spray – A Review

by Faith Jolleys Equestrian

With the NSEA Intermediate SJ Finals at Royal Windsor on the competition schedule, it was a perfect time for us to test and review the Equimins Plaiting Spray.
We washed Tulip’s mane the day before we needed to plait up so that it was clean but not too slinky. When we were ready to start plaiting we gave her mane a good coating of the spray, it left it really shiny and smelled really nice too.

We found the best way to use the spray was to spray it all first and then let it dry slightly so that it was not too wet. Unlike other sprays we’ve used in the past, it didn’t leave a sticky residue on my fingers, which made plaiting easier. As we were ready to plait each section, we gave the base of the section a light spray so that we got all the little hairs neatly in the braid. The braids looked really shining and easy to handle. The spray nozzle was generous so it coated the mane really well.


We opted for some smart hunter braids for Tulip and used wool to keep them in tight overnight. After we finished, we gave them another quick spray to finish off. We plaited her the night before the show and the plaits held firm and beautiful all the way until the following afternoon when we took them out.


After taking the plaits out, normally her mane is crazy… but this time a quick brush through and other than a few little kinks there was very little craziness…. Her mane was soft and silky and didn’t need washing.

Equimins Plaiting spray gets a big thumbs up from us!!


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