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10 December,2017

Equestrian Books For The Christmas Stocking!

With Christmas just around the corner, we are all in the thick of shopping for gifts for loved ones, family, and friends. There is nothing better than to unwrap a book on Christmas morning which also makes super gifts for all equestrian enthusiasts.  To make your shopping easier, we have put together the top five equestrian titles that we think would make excellent presents for horse lovers.

Haynet who work together with Quiller Publishing have a super 25% discount for all Haynet readers that use the code HAYNET2017 not only on these titles but all books at checkout! So save some pennies and finish off your Christmas shopping at Quiller Publishing, who have a huge range of books to suit all equestrian and countryside lovers!

Rider Biomechanics by Mary Wanless

Through Rider Biomechanics, one gains a complete understanding of the biomechanics of the rider via a new understanding of fascia — the fabric of the body that links muscles into functional chains, rather like strings of sausages. Within both human and equine bodies these form ‘lines of pull’, affecting posture, movement, stability and mobility.

Through clear ‘how to’ descriptions, coupled with copious illustrations, the reader learns how to rebalance the tension within and between one’s own ‘lines of pull’. The ultimate task is to use this developing awareness to rebalance the tension in the horse’s ‘line of pull’, gaining much more influence over his carriage and movement. The secrets of talented riders are laid bare. To buy a copy of Rider Biomechanics click HERE.

Horse Speak by Sharon Wilsie & Gretchen Vogel

Horse trainer and equine-assisted learning instructor, Sharon Wilsie and Gretchen Vogel have written this new equine-human translation guide, Horse Speak. It is not a training method or technique to make one ride better. It is a practical system for listening and talking to horses in their language. Horse Speak can be used by any individual who works with horses and it promises improved understanding of what a horse is trying to say as well as providing the simple responses that one could use. Illustrated throughout with over 290 colour photographs and 50 drawings, learn to Horse Speak in 12 easy steps.To buy a copy of Horse Speak click HERE.

The Horse and Pony Lovers Joke Books by Suzan St Maur

Laughter is good for you, doctors say. So for anyone who has ever owned, bred, ridden, lived with, loved or even hated horses, here are over 400 gags guaranteed to have you laughing your head off and feeling terrific, no matter how bad a ride you’ve had that day. Beautifully illustrated throughout by equine artist, Dianne Breeze (illustrator of Stable Stereotypes), this is the perfect gift for any horsey friend or relative (or even yourself!). Buy both copies HERE.

Photographing and Videoing Horses Explained by Charles Mann

In this superbly illustrated, easy-to-follow book, you’ll learn the basics of digital and film photography and how to avoid 25 common picture taking problems, many specifically related to horse and riding. Become skilled in producing and storing quality digital images and understand computer monitor resolution and colour management. Explore photograph manipulation and how to use Adobe Photoshop to “clean up” pictures and change details. This book is the ideal resource for every horse person covering all areas of photography and videos to make you a real pro. To buy a copy, click HERE.

Sport Horse Soundess and Performance by Dr Cecilia Lönnell 

There are many books and DVDs devoted to the technical training of horse and rider – how to perform movements correctly, clear obstacles, communicate efficiently, and in other ways attain the idealized image of an athletic partnership that results in competitive success. But this book is different: its focus is how the rider and trainer can make it easier for the horse to perform optimally. This includes improved understanding of what are reasonable expectations for a particular horse at a certain level of schooling, how to improve his fitness (including strength and conditioning), as well as background on how injuries may develop as a result of interaction between internal and external factors, such as genetics, conformation, management, and training. To buy a copy of Sport House, click HERE




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