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25 February,2018

Confidence and Goals. The Importance of a Diary to Me

Having badly neglected my blogs and my training diaries over the last couple of months I found myself needing to look back at routines and patterns to see if I could fathom where we were going pear shaped. This proved a bit tricky trying to work out my handwritten scribbles in my paper diary.

So a kick up the bum from myself and I have vowed to update my training and yard records weekly and if possible daily.

My training and yard records are invaluable with a tricky Ninja but I also find them incredibly helpful to see how Alfie’s journey has progressed and it helps me keep perspective of where we are in our training and where we are with achieving our goals.

I have several diary sections which can be time consuming but in the long run, it really is worth it if you need to look back or plan forward

* Feeding: In the past, this has been incredibly important for both the boys. The Ninja for his sensitivities. For Alfie, so we could decide what kept him level headed but with enough go to impress.

* Hooves: When I started this section both boys were forever lame with hoof issues. Abscesses are so frustrating but the diary helped me pinpoint at what times the boys needed some extra help from either feed or boots or sole packing.

* Training: With a Ninja, this basically comes back to confidence levels and seeing patterns. Very similar with Alfie but also for tracking his progress and keeping my reality real.

Hopefully following this year’s diary on my blogs I will be able to look back at past diaries and show you how valuable they are as comparisons

* Competition Results: This isn’t about the victories, but I have to say when you look back at past results some just stand out as amazing memories, and you find yourself staring at the computer with a massive grin all over your face.

On the other side you can also see patterns of not so up to par results and then you can start to form patterns and it helps with the not beating yourself up. I am very bad at this part but looking back at patterns helps me realize its not always me failing my horse by riding badly or not being as effective as I could be; sometimes it is just simple reasons, something like the time of year.

* Money: Unfortunately we all need it and most of us don’t have nearly enough. It is a sad fact of life that if you own horses, money can make you a little bit happier and a little less stressed. I am lucky that I have a secure full time job and a supportive family and through LUFT some wonderful supporters. I still have to be super careful with how I spend, every penny is accounted for, even the ‘free stuff’ needs to be logged, one day the help may not be there so that all has to be factored into the budgets.

*Health: The boys have their dairies but you also mustn’t forget you. Unfortunately, I suffer from migraines and fatigue and I get extremely frustrated when I cant be somewhere as I am stuck in bed. I also have real issues with fluctuating weight, not helped by some of my medication, but I would rather be upright and slightly dumpy then skinny (skinny hahahahaha, never going to happen) and in bed all day.

I make sure I take body measurements as well as using the weigh scales. Condition Scoring for all three of us.

I think maybe the porky feline of the house may need to have his own diary!

*Pictures: I am a very visual person in the way I think and learn.

Picture memories can also be a fantastic pick me up. Only today I was reminded by Facebook that Dad used to have the odd jump lesson on my RC all-rounder as a treat and a thank you for letting me compete his horse when I was at Uni. I was also reminded of my beautiful jumping mare knee high in mud but looking fabulous when she was very round and pregnant with our beautiful Gus.

But don’t forget to keep those pics of the tricky moments. For my confidence a love a memory pic of a Ninja whoopee moment that I managed to stay on. I often take a few screen prints of videos to keep as they are easier to have a snap look back at,

Your diary: Private or Open Blog

*Doesn’t have to be an essay. One day there may just be a single sentence or a phrase. Maybe just a picture or a video.

*Let go: Write what your feeling. I am a very in the moment person. I have notes all over the place, in my bag, at home, at work. Sometimes sitting down at the end of the day and putting all these mixed notes into diary words can be its own therapy session; A session you would have otherwise paid a fortune for!

*Reflect: Where have you been, Where are you going, What are you doing on your journey, there isn’t always a straight line A to B

*Don’t worry about your writing: My spelling and Grammar isn’t the best. Thankfully most phones/computers will auto check words and Grammar these days. But if you find an error in someone’s written words don’t jump on them.

*Motivate: Looking back at accomplished moments are amazingly rewarding and they can also help you visualise your next goal.

*Feel Good about yourself: Find yourself through your diary

*Declutter: You will be amazed at how written words can be there to clear the mind and improve your thought process

*Focus: Follow on from the declutter be free to focus on your goals and planning.

*Brainstorm: Thoughts and excuses, probably more for the private diary unless you feel happy about making this public. Bit like a do and donts, pro and cons, however you want to label it. I call mine Excuses because most of the time that is what they are!

I hope you enjoy this year’s diaries and maybe following our adventures will help you with your own adventures and confidence searching

by Gaelann East


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