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Chatting A Bit
11 February,2019

Chatting A Bit With Ruth Box at Trackener

For all horse owners, any product or system that can make life with equines a little simpler and reduce worry is always very welcome. Trackener is an intelligent 24/7 horse monitoring system helping advance equine health, welfare and performance. In our latest inteview in Haynet’s Chatting A Bit Series, Samantha Hobden finds out more behind the brand with Ruth Box from the Trackener team:

Introduce us to the team behind Trackener and how you all work together.

Ruth Box

Trackener was founded by two French engineers and animal lovers, Pauline Issard and Jeremie Charlet in 2015. Since then, the company has evolved and now includes Chris Hockuba our hardware engineer, Luke O’Mahony, our software engineer and myself Ruth Box as Sales and Marketing Manager. Our office is based in London, not far from Shoreditch which we all spend some time at as well as working remotely.

What work backgrounds has the team come from? Was working in the equestrian industry on all of your agendas?

Pauline, a rider herself, has always looked to combine her engineering knowledge and the equestrian world while Jeremie, although always keen to come to the yard to spend time with the horses was more passionate about preventative health in medicine in general. Chris and Luke both come from non-horsey backgrounds but like Jeremie, enjoy a trip to the yard for some testing as pictured right!

I, myself studied Equine Science and am a fully qualified Equine Soft Tissue Therapist. I still treat horses as a hobby but wanted to do something a bit different and jumped at the opportunity to work at Trackener because I love the concept.

How did the idea for Trackener evolve?

Growing up, Pauline continually struggled with the health of her horses. They always seemed to be suffering from small injuries or health problems and sadly she lost a mare to colic in the night. With her knowledge in the tech world, she was convinced there must be a solution to monitor horses more closely to try and prevent these events occurring. It was then she came up with the idea of Trackener; a horse monitoring technology that the horse wore discreetly 24/7 which could relay all the important information to an app on the users phone and alert them to the early sign of a problem.

For those that are not familiar with Trackener, gives us an insight about the company and the product.

Trackener has been going for nearly 3 and a half years on a mission to revolutionize equine healthcare with data and technology.

Our first product, Trackener Life was only officially launched to the market in October 2018. Prior to this, the product went through an extensive testing and validation process and was developed with equine vets and other health care professionals. We are 100% research, data and science driven so getting the product right was vital.

Trackener Life is an innovative new horse monitoring technology helping advance equine health and welfare. The Trackener device, a small phone-sized box, is worn by the horse in either our comfortable anti-rub vest or girth sleeve and provides insights about the horse’s activity, sleep, anxiety, heart rate and exercise sessions. Users can access the app wherever they are in the world to monitor their horse’s health and detect and prevent health issues earlier on from subtle changes on the app. Learning from the data collected on each individual horse, Trackener helps discover the optimal management for every equine. For example, by monitoring the cumulative exercise of the horse in the field and during exercise, it is easier to estimate energy expenditure and balance feed rations accordingly.

The longer the horse wears the device, the stronger the data gets because the technology learns what is normal for the horse in terms of movement, laying down etc and is able to detect abnormal behaviour more easily. The app and kit itself is very simple to use and easy to set up, you don’t have to be a techy person to get started – I’m certainly not!

Is Trackener aimed at professionals within the industry or can the everyday horse owner use the product?

Trackener Life is aimed at anyone who is looking to keep their horses happy and healthy. We have a wide variety of users, from happy hackers to Olympic medallists, in almost every equestrian discipline. Not to mention vets, researchers, physios and rehab specialists who have found the kits invaluable for monitoring horses starting to go back out in the field and returning to work after an injury.

What has been the feedback from your clients using Trackener?

Here is some of our feedback, I am more than happy for user’s comments to speak for themselves! –

“I absolutely love the Trackener and really think it’s a way forward especially for rehabilitation! I love that you can figure out gait, rein and speed with the heart rate. Will be so helpful for gradual fitness and keeping a rehab horse as straight as possible” Stacey Nye, Equine Physiotherapist

“Trackener is a super piece of kit. It’s been a big relief for me being able to see how he’s coping in the stable and when he’s having a worse day in the field and not moving much at all” Laura Fiddaman

“The Trackener takes the guess work out of your horses work – leaving you with a very clear work pattern” Oonagh O’Brien

“This piece of kit is amazing. Being able to monitor my horse 24 hours a day really puts my mind at ease. I have been able to monitor her weight better as I know how much exercise she gets in the field. It has also really helped with my schooling as I have discovered that I favoured one rein. Also being to track my schooling sessions and having a record to look back on. Everything is on one app. The service you get is top class.” Karen Reid

Which social media channels work well with your marketing for the company?

Facebook proves to be our most successful channel. That is where we receive most engagement and where most of our users tend to be active. We do have profiles across all social media though so feel free to like, share and follow us!

Give us an insight in the future plans for Trackener?

We have some very exciting plans for Trackener lined up. At the moment, we only ship in Europe due to technical features but by the end of this year/early next year, we hope to expand to the rest of the world to meet the high demand we have already had from other countries. We also have several research projects running behind the scenes which should enable us to implement the detection of colic in the coming months, not to mention some unique and exciting new features on the app to help users understand their horses inside out!

Where does the company see itself in ten years time?

In ten years we hope our technology will have changed the way people take care of their horses and save many horses from serious health problems and injuries so that they can have long and healthy careers, be it field pet or grand prix star!

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