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With so many small equestrian and countryside businesses that are out there, Haynet is showcasing these companies and the hard working people behind them. The equestrian and countryside industry is tough and competition is high. However, it is a thriving industry with many small businesses opening every month.

Haynet is giving a small rural business one week on Haynet to showcase their company and what service they provide.  The business will have the chance to promote to our large audience, for them to find out about the person behind the brand and what service or products they have to offer. We will also find out what their hopes are for the future within equestrian and countryside business, championing their enthusiasm for the products or services they provide.

So please come and follow this series on Haynet and show support for these unsung businesses that are making their way in the equestrian and countryside industry. You never know if this is something you are thinking about delving into, it may give you the inspiration you need to start your very own equestrian or countryside business!

After a very successful 2017 promoting rural businesses, we are now ready to book clients for 2018. Should you wish to be involved with the Business Showcase in 2018, then please message [email protected] for more details and pricing. Take a look at our infographic below showing how collaborating together can promote your services to the wider audience. We look forward to working together!

Branded Clothing for Brand Ambassadors and Sponsored Riders by Bequestrian

We are approached every day by Equine Companies looking to kit out their brand ambassadors in personalised clothing. It’s so […]

Made in the UK by Bequestrian

Hi, it’s Sarah at Bequestrian again here. For lots of our clients having their products and services based in the […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Bequestrian

A big thank you to Sam at Haynet for having us on the blog! Bequestrian was formed early in 2016. […]

Business Showcase: An Introduction to Evemy & Evemy

Hello Haynet and a big thank you to Sam for the opportunity to showcase Evemy & Evemy! Evemy & Evemy […]

Over and out by Laura Fiddaman

I’m going to sign off here for the week, and say a huge thank you again to Sam for hosting […]

Behind The Scenes with Laura Fiddaman

This week I’ve told you how much I love my work, so what better to do than to share some […]

What’s Coming Up? by Laura Fiddaman

So now that it’s heading toward the end of the year, what’s in store next?? I’ve got a few ideas […]

Behind the Lens by Laura Fiddaman

So what is it that makes photography so addictive and satisfying? For me, it’s being able to share a moment […]

Christmas is coming… and I’ve got a Halloween treat for you!

I know, I know it’s only October! JUST! Whilst you’re munching out on the copious sweets that surround Halloween, or […]

Business Showcase: Introduction to Laura Fiddaman Photography

Firstly, I’d like to thank Sam for the chance to be part of the Haynet Business Showcase! It’s been a […]

Beautiful Business by Inkpot & Press

Your local Artisan Baker, a creative Garden Designer, an inspirational Festival Organiser or the seller of beautiful things, there are […]

It Takes A Village…. by Inkpot & Press

Having told my husband “no more horses” just a matter of days before I was offered the chance of a […]

The Monart Select Event Horse Sale by Inkpot & Press

What do Jonty Evans’ mount Cooley Rorkes Drift, Bill Levett’s ride Lassban Diamond Lift, Paul Tapner’s partner Prince Mayo and […]

What Do I Look For In A Sponsored Rider by Inkpot & Press

#NobleRiders – what do I look for? Choosing the right rider to represent a brand is tricky… Are they a […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Inkpot & Press

Not just another Equestrian PR  by Emily Mumford   Believe it or not I am not a big fan of […]

Business Showcase: How I Took My Business Overseas

Hello, I am Sandra Poppema, B.Sc. and I am the proud founder of HippoLogic. I connect equestrians to their inner wisdom […]

Business Showcase: the person behind HippoLogic

Hello, I am Sandra Poppema, B.Sc. and I am the proud founder of HippoLogic. I connect equestrians to their inner wisdom […]

Business Showcase: Choosing the name ‘HippoLogic’

Hello, I am Sandra Poppema, B.Sc. and I am the proud founder of HippoLogic. I connect equestrians to their inner wisdom […]

Business Showcase: Introducing HippoLogic

Hello, I am Sandra Poppema, B.Sc. and I am the proud founder of HippoLogic. I connect equestrians to their inner wisdom […]

What does the name Apt Cavalier stand for?

Starting a business is a chaotic, terrifying and wonderful experience. I first started working on the designs around a year […]

Why Launch An Equestrian Brand?

A lot of people questioned my sanity when I talked about launching an equestrian brand in what can only be […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Apt Cavalier

Please allow me to introduce Apt Cavalier, the new Equestrian Performance Brand which oozes innovation, comfort and quality.Our introductory collection […]

Business Showcase: Sophie Callahan Photography

Hello everybody! I’m super excited to be the first lucky person to be working alongside Haynet on the Business Showcase […]

Business Showcase: An Introduction to Evo Equine

Hello Haynet! It’s fantastic to be here if a little daunting to be joining such a brilliant stage with some […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Tara Punter PR

Hi Haynet! I’m Tara and I run Tara Punter PR, a specialist equestrian and rural PR company from the gorgeous […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Georgina Bull from Nene Valley Osteopathy

Hi, and welcome to my blog for a week! I was invited by the lovely Samantha, the lady behind Haynet, […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Liam Killen from Equestrian Creative Network

Hi! My name is Liam Killen and I run the Equestrian Creative Network(ECN). The ECN is the global showcase for creative professionals with an […]

Business Showcase: Introducing KA Equestrian

Hi Hay-Netters! Massive thank you to Sam for inviting us to be a part of their business showcase series.   […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Lindsay Robertson Photography

In my first post of this series, I thought I would introduce myself, who I am and how I got […]

Business Showcase: An introduction to Anna Rainbow Photography

So excited to be featured on Haynet’s Business Showcase page this week. But where to do I start? Let’s go […]

Business Showcase: An Introduction to Lavender & White Publishing

We started Lavender and White Publishing in 2010, at that stage self-publishing was in its infancy. Many authors who had […]

Business Showcase: Introducing Handwoven Browbands

Hi my name is Laura and I am the founder of Handwoven Browbands and we have been lucky enough to […]

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