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Business Showcase
30 October,2017

Business Showcase: Introduction to Laura Fiddaman Photography

Firstly, I’d like to thank Sam for the chance to be part of the Haynet Business Showcase! It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve had months to prepare… but it’s all been a bit manic and here I am the week before creating my content! Living life on the edge…

It’s me!

So I’m Laura, of Laura Fiddaman Photography, launched at the end of 2016, and specialising in equine portrait and event photography. I’ve always been quite a practical person, having left college and got a job early on, and I’ve been in work in the 9 – 5 cycle ever since. I like to earn my money so that I can save it, and buy the things I want. So far it’s gone fairly well! It’s because of this, that I never felt brave enough to jump out and do what I really love – and that’s photographing horses.

So what changed?

I was on maternity leave in 2016, after my daughter arrived in May, and after just a few happy days together as a family I found I was unable to walk, as my leg had swelled and was becoming more painful by the hour. A few hours in A & E and it was decided that I’d suffered blood clots through my leg, and I was eventually released the next day on warfarin after a long night with little sleep. Bank holiday weekend came around, and on the Friday the pain was still worsening so back up to the hospital I went, only to find that the clot had continued to build up, and now extended from above my groin to my ankle. A tense week followed, with risks of further clots, and the possibility of the clot breaking away and reaching my lungs, it was a scary time for me and my family. After a few days, and once the warfarin was out of my system, they were able to operate and complete a 3 day session of thrombolysis, to try and clear the clot from my leg. Unfortunately, there was still some left by the end of the 72 hours, but I’d also had a stent placed to open the vein and aid the blood flow. Weeks of bed rest followed, I’d no strength left to walk, only to try and heal the damage that had gone on in my leg. It was probably one of the hardest times of my life, not knowing really what was going to happen, whether the clot would break down, if it would reoccur, if I’d get back to normal (because it didn’t feel possible at that point!) The worst thing was being cooped up indoors. I’m out twice a day every day to the yard normally, and I love being outdoors.

As you can see, I have made a good recovery, I’m back up and out, and have regained 99% functionality – you might catch the occasional limp after a long day out shooting as the stent failed and my blood now flows through collateral veins that my body made in lieu of an available vein to travel through (clever old things our bods!) so it can get a bit heavy and achey at times, but aside from that you’d probably never know.

How did you get started?

I’ve loved photography for many years and started officially studying it in college. My sister and I used to spend hours as kids playing on photoshop creating various digital manipulations and playing with photographs and it all grew from there! The horsey photograph that really started this ball rolling though, is this one:

This photo was taken back in April 2014 on my sister’s Nikon D40. It was to start a tradition that would eventually help me make the leap into starting my own business, and capturing the special bond that horses and their owner’s share. This is my friend Sarah’s horse Franks, and my baby boy Rio who had just turned 5! We came back with a friend and her horse later that month, and then returned the following year for more photos of our boys. By this point, a couple of friends had asked if they could also have some photos in the bluebells, and I was really loving the results.

Thanks to the support of my husband Jim, and a number of my friends, I decided to make it official and start up the business at the end of last year. I set about creating my brand, and built my website, and even took up blogging again. My maternity leave gave me the perfect opportunity to really make a go of it. Whilst I still work a couple of days a week (there’s that practical brain again) I’m thoroughly enjoying meeting so many new people, making new friends, and hope that one day I’ll be able to depart my office job and photograph all of you lovely lot full time!

It’s been a promising first year, and with Christmas gifts already being purchased, I can’t wait to meet more fabulous owners next year. For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of me and my own pride and joy, Rio – photos taken by the talented Gemma Scopes of Heels and Horseshoes!

You can see more of my work, and find out all about Laura Fiddaman Photography at the links below – if you like my work, please click Like or Follow to stay up to date!


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