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Business Showcase
02 September,2017

Business Showcase: Introducing Tara Punter PR

Hi Haynet! I’m Tara and I run Tara Punter PR, a specialist equestrian and rural PR company from the gorgeous Cotswolds. I live with my fiancee in a beautiful village with my gorgeous exracehorse Ollie (racing name Theophrastus) just 5 minutes away. I’ve been horsey for all of my 28 years and graduated from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester 4 years ago, having completed an Equine & Agricultural Business Management Degree. I always knew I wanted to have a career involved with horses, (without the mucking out and cold wet days!) yet had no idea what to do!


Through a chance meeting and a spot of luck, I found myself working as an equine journalist (nearly 2 years ago now) – the first event I covered was the Hickstead Derby meeting – I can’t express how lucky I felt, and in fact, still feel, to be paid to watch horses and interview riders. It’s fantastic. From there, I started doing social media and website management for a number of companies as well as helping them with all press and media matters. I then launched the business last October when I had a lightbulb moment and realised all that I was doing for my current clients, on a freelance basis, was PR! I chose to specialise in equestrian and rural businesses as this is what I know and love. I understand the rural lifestyle as well as rural fashion and sport, an essential  requirement if working with rural businesses. My knowledge of the equine industry is also varied; as my involvement with it spans for so long, I’ve certainly picked up an awful lot, giving myself lots to draw on for articles, interviews and inspiration.


The inspiration for my business is helped along with Ollie. My morning ride is my sanctuary, my quiet time. It’s the only time I have where I’m not on social media, on the phone, responding to emails or on a laptop! So I embrace it – as my mind relaxes and I take in the beautiful scenery and farmland, my subconscious thinks of marketing campaigns, blogs to make and tweets to shout about. It really is PR From The Saddle…


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