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23 October,2017

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Not just another Equestrian PR 

by Emily Mumford


Believe it or not I am not a big fan of “PR people…”

There are a lot of us around, some better than others much the same as in any profession, and I’m not 100% sure that we all do the same thing – in fact I know that we don’t. Whilst there are lots of posts about “What PR is…” I wonder, do people know what we actually do and how it works in the equestrian sector?

Personally, I write… I write creative copy about things that I am passionate about and those things tend to involve horses or the people who work with or around them. I develop written pieces for everything from social media & blogs to digital & published print articles & features (and everything else in-between) with the intention of putting the things I write about in front of as many people as possible. I also promote the positivity that surrounds the brands, businesses and people I work with as well as the messages that they choose to communicate. (And did I mention I write… a lot!) 

Having always had a ‘thing’ about words, (I studied English and Classics at Edinburgh University), I am very lucky to have fallen into a “job” that involves combining traditional English language with modern PR tools. Using Social Media, published print, every digital medium you can think of and limitless blogging, I have the best fun bringing the most traditional of skills together with today’s ever-evolving technologies and couple that with my involvement in the equestrian world, what more could I want from a career?

After a few years of jobs that weren’t really me and certainly weren’t going anywhere I was offered a job with BEDE Events – an Equestrian Event Management company based about an hour from me. I literally jumped at the chance and haven’t really looked back. Although I don’t work for them anymore, the experience and contacts that I gained from my time there have contributed to making my job what it is now. Being part of a very small team organising some of the biggest International Horse Trials in the country (including Belton CIC3* and the Young Horse Championships at Osberton International) was tough but amazing all at once. I was originally recruited to be the “Assistant Event Organiser” but the role re-ignited my passion for marketing and the promotion of the events to the public, owners and riders is what I ended up spending the majority of my time doing for them.

Today I work with a very wide variety of brands, events and people to help them achieve their business goals. I don’t hard sell for them though, I physically can’t do that, I’m not wired up that way. Both myself and the brands I work with are in it for the long haul. PR isn’t instant – it is about sustainably building a brand reputation by consistently creating an effective, accurate & aspirational image and developing lasting, meaningful relationships with your desired audience. Those things cannot be achieved over-night and anybody who tells you they can is hard-selling you an untruth.

To all the editors out there, I won’t be cross if you don’t like what I’ve written. Over the last few years I have become much less protective and sensitive about what I produce. I love to be given advice and direction and I certainly won’t be mad if you don’t feature my piece, I may think you’re mad but I won’t be upset… I do care though. I care about the brands and the products and the people that I write about. I’m in their corner, wholeheartedly and always. If I wasn’t how could I represent them in the ways that they have always wanted to be represented? How could I be a piece in the puzzle that promotes their product or brand effectively to the audience they have always wanted to speak to? I couldn’t, plain and simple.

One of my biggest passions is branding. I love branding. I love helping people to see the worth in their brand through the use of beautiful images, fonts, colours and styles… You only have to have a peek at my Pinterest to see how utterly obsessive I can get about branding. There is nothing more satisfying that seeing an equestrian business encompass everything that they are and want to be in everything that they present to the outside world. Promoting Equestrianism using methods that have been used by other sports (predominantly mainstream ones) for years excites me. Being involved with fast moving, technically superior, market-leading businesses gives me just as big a thrill as pulling off a successful 3* event. I love my job and am acutely aware of how lucky I am to be able to combine my two biggest passions (horses and the written word) with earning enough pennies to keep me and my little family alive!

So there you have it – I would like to think that I’m not and never will be “just another equestrian PR”. I’m the creative writer that will always be in your corner, who won’t hard sell or be a diva, who cares more than you’ll probably ever know, who understands your audience better than most and who wants, wishes and wills you and your brand or business to be the most successful version of themselves that they can possibly be.

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