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Business Showcase
02 September,2017

Business Showcase: Introducing Georgina Bull from Nene Valley Osteopathy

Hi, and welcome to my blog for a week! I was invited by the lovely Samantha, the lady behind Haynet, to tell you a little more about how manual therapy can make a world of difference, not only for you, but for your horse too! But for today let me tell you a little more about me, Georgina Bull, and why I decided to go into Osteopathy.


I first discovered Osteopathy after being unceremoniously deposited from a 17.3hh mare aged 15. A few months after having surgery to fix my badly damaged shoulder, I had such bad pain in my neck and shoulders that I could barely move, and a friend at the time told me to seek treatment from an Osteopath she knew, so I did. That first consultation was the start of what was to be a life long journey for me. I saw fantastic benefits from what osteopathy could do, and whilst I already knew I wanted a career in some kind of therapy, decided Osteopathy was for me.


I trained at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, and graduated in 2006 as human Osteopath, registered with the General Osteopathic Council, but my long term aim was always to work with horse and rider combinations, aiming to improve the balance between them.


Throughout my studies, I’d been helping a friend who competed in Endurance as her “back up” crew, and as she progressed into competing with Team GBR I got to see first hand just what a difference a good physical therapist can make to a horse and rider combination in competition, making gentle tweaks and adjustments to keep them performing to their full potential, and subsequently learnt a lot. I achieved one of my life goals when I later worked with the Elite Endurance Squad for Team GBR, travelling to European and World championships with them. Having already competed (all be it as crew) at the endurance event at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen 2006, I understood the pressures the competitors would be under and knew I could make a difference.


Through my years of treating humans I’ve never lost sight of wanting to treat horses, and have put in many hours of postgraduate training to do so. Horses are very similar to ourselves and suffer from all kinds of aches and pains due to the demands we place on them. They often find significant benefit from treatment, and give me such a huge sense of satisfaction when they show improvements from just simple techniques used on them, but they can often present quite a challenge when they think you should be just scratching their tail instead!


I often get asked what the perks of the job are. Aside from being able to work flexible hours that suit myself which lets me get out and ride my two horses, I always answer that it’s seeing people and horses improve having been treated by myself. Knowing that something so simple and gentle can make such a significant difference to their overall well being is incredibly rewarding.


With healthcare in the UK shifting to having a very much self directed approach to wellness, the use of Osteopathy is booming, and with riders often finding huge benefits. Hopefully over the next few days you’ll get a good insight into what we do and deepen your understanding of how to use our skills to your advantages, keeping you and your horse happy!


Please visit Gerogina at


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