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Business Showcase
27 October,2017

Beautiful Business by Inkpot & Press

Your local Artisan Baker, a creative Garden Designer, an inspirational Festival Organiser or the seller of beautiful things, there are no boundaries…

I run a small blog series on my own website that introduces people to the beautiful brains and businesses that I stumble across and I thought I might use my last Haynet Business Showcase slot to give people an insight into what makes me tick and why InkPot began.


My inspiration comes from so many different places.

My family inspire me every day – from my own Little Legs who lives to learn, my husband who works harder than most people I know, my parents who have built the most beautiful lives for us all and my gorgeous sisters and their husbands-to-be who are the most loving, kind and caring people you could ever hope to meet.

I also draw inspiration from my peers who are regularly changing the game when it comes to the world of PR. No longer is appearing in magazines enough to promote a brand to the masses and I love the constant evolution that they all insist on. By regularly challenging themselves to do things bigger and better than before it pushes us all to try and keep up.

One of my biggest sources of inspiration at the moment comes from Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist, and her new book Brand Brilliance – if you haven’t read it yet, you really must. The messages throughout are applicable to absolutely everyone from all walks of life and I love that.




The freedom to choose, the freedom to see my little boy grow, the freedom to spend time with my loved ones, the freedom to ride my horses during the day (I know, right?), the freedom to choose who I work with, the freedom to surround myself with only the best people, the freedom to enjoy what I do, the freedom to earn a living from something I used to consider a hobby, the freedom to set my own goals, the freedom to push hard or to take a breather whenever I want or need to, the freedom to build a life for my little family that I am proud of & the freedom to spend time doing what makes me truly happy.



There are a number of things that captivate me. It’s one of my failings I guess… I’m very easily captivated and once I’m in I become properly obsessed.

  1. Eventing. I absolutely, 150%, totally LOVE Eventing and everything that goes with it. The horses, the riders, the brands that build themselves around the sport, the events themselves. I live and breathe it.
  2. The outdoors. I am never happier than when I am outside, in the middle of nowhere or by the sea. Having grown up in the Nottinghamshire countryside I guess the outdoors is in my blood.
  3. My job/Creative Writing. I would work 24hrs a day if I could, much to the dismay of my family. I consider myself unbelievably lucky that I get to write about things that I am passionate about and get paid for it. It really is true “turn your passion into your job and you will never work another day in your life.”
  4. My family. For all of the reasons above. They are and will always be my number one priority.



I am a creative writer who understands PR and how to drive a business forward. I love seeing the people around me succeed and being a tiny part of that success gives me a huge buzz. I have lots of knowledge of the eventing world from the organisation of big international horse trials to what trade stands need and look for when promoting their brand. I know the majority of the top event riders in the world and understand and value the horses just the same (sometimes more). I also launched and ran a lovely Country Clothing shop on a local privately-owned Estate and so have experience of buying, selling and marketing beautiful country-wear.

I live for rustic, rural and country businesses and helping them to develop brands that are worthy of their products and services.      



I would like to think that I’m not and never will be “just another equestrian PR”. I’m the creative writer that will always be in your corner, who won’t hard sell or be a diva, who cares more than you’ll probably ever know, who understands your audience better than most and who wants, wishes and wills you and your brand or business to be the most successful version of themselves that they can possibly be.


I actually have no idea.

If any of my lovely clients told me they didn’t know where they wanted their businesses to go or what they wanted them to look like in the next few years I would tell them to focus their energy on just that. But mine is evolving all the time. I have some ideas but I guess you will all have to come along for the ride to find out what they are!!

The only thing I do know is that I will always strive to make the people around me happy. If building my little business into something bigger helps to do that then that is where I shall go. But I am also not afraid of hitting the pause button if the need arises. The future for InkPot will be all about balance!


by Emily Mumford of Inkpot & Press


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