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26 August,2020

88% of riders suffer from reoccurring joint pain

In a recent survey* carried out by Harry Hall, equestrians reported that along with reoccurring joint pains, 84% described tension & stiffness after riding and 68% of riders experience muscle fatigue whilst in the saddle.  With roughly 1.8 million regular riders in the UK**, that’s a lot of aches and pains.

Now help is at hand for todays riders as Harry Hall unveil their new range of rider wear – labelled the “next generation” of rider wear.

Harry Hall have had over 125 years of development and research in riding apparel and today they proudly launch Protechmasta Sport – Far Infrared wearable technology.  The range has been designed to help assist riders preparation, performance and recovery.

“Enabling equestrians to get the most enjoyment from their sport is central to Harry Hall.   We have utilised ground-breaking sport research alongside the very best equestrian product developers to deliver this range” explains Managing Director Liz Hopper.

With Protechmasta Sport riders can expect the following benefits: 

Aids recovery and circulation, which in turn will help to maintain healthy joints and reduce any swelling.  Muscle tension will ease along with reducing post-exercise muscle tightness.  With healthy circulation users will also see an improvement of appearance of cellulite and skin.

To find out more about Protechmasta Sport visit:

The range is made up of 4 pieces:

Protechmasta Power 2.0 Ladies Base Layer

Retail Price £75.00.  Harry Hall One Club Members Price £52.50

Protechmasta Power 2.0 Ladies Silicone Knee Riding Tights

Retail Price £95.00.  Harry Hall One Club Members Price £66.50

Protechmasta Power 2.0 Full Silicone Seat Riding Tights

Retail Price £105.00.  Harry Hall One Club Members Price £73.50

Protechmasta Power 2.0 Leggings

Retail Price £90.00.  Harry Hall One Club Members Price £63.00

Exclusively at

*Survey by Harry Hall International Limited in April 2020 with 1142 people surveyed.

** British Equestrian Trade Association – National Equestrian Survey 2019


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