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Hay Bale
17 February,2018

#5Photos1Day HorseBloggers Challenge

Setting up challenges in the #HorseBloggers Meet Up group on Facebook has really happened by accident! Last month within the group, many were discussing their lack of confidence when it came to filming yourself, especially for blog posts. I am the first to veer well away from video and came up with the idea to set up a video challenge.

It was so well received and we all enjoyed pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, that I decided to set up a monthly challenge.  So now we are in February the latest challenge was to show the group how using a hashtag can make their post or images travel that bit further. So a little used hashtag #5Photos1Day was the topic of this months challenge. The aim was to take five photos of your typical day and then post them individually or in one post making sure the hashtag was used where sharing through social media. Being halfway through February, it has been brilliant to see the hashtag being used and how easy it has been to locate fellow horse bloggers posts and photos!

So yesterday was a pretty normal day for me, so I took five photos throughout my day and here they are:

Morning Dog Walk

I walk my two terriers, Harley and Kobe every morning for about forty minutes first thing. This can be from 6.30am in the summer to a little later in the winter. Some of my friends think I am mad to be out so early, but actually I love it. I’m not one for laying in and its just some time to think, clear your head or come up with ideas (like these challenges) It also means the dogs leave me in peace for most of the day until 4pm comes round and they want another walk!

Sorting The Horses

My next part of the day after having some breakfast and sorting a few emails is to go and sort my horse Zeb and his buddy Flick. I help out with my friend’s horse and she helps me with Zeb which works well. It’s been a tricky week with my veteran this week as he has mystery lameness on his offside front hoof. After a very miserable horse, I called my vet out and we are treating in theory for an abscess. However, nothing has surfaced despite poulticing and hot tubbing… So more head scratching and dilemmas.  Its been a very tough winter and work with the horses is a couple of hours a day including travelling to and fro from the yard without even getting in the saddle. With sunshine and sleet this week, spring is slowly showing signs which can’t come soon enough for all us long suffering horse owners!

Working In The Office

I am lucky to work from home running two businesses. Haynet is my passion and work has really evolved with it over the last two years with marketing and helping equestrian and rural businesses with their social media and content. Together with championing all the #HorseBloggers out there, I love working in this industry. Every week, something new comes along with writing projects or travelling to a farm I work with so I have a lot of variety with this line of work. It never gets boring. I love reading all the equestrian blog content that is out there – without it Haynet I am sure would not be here!

Horse Food Shopping

So part of my day in the challenge happened to be making a trip to the feed store. Trips seem frequent at this time of year and its best not to add up how much food and bedding you are going through… Add lotions and potions to the winter ailments that these horses get its an expensive time.

Friday Night In

I do like a night out especially a meal out with friends or have a girly night with some alcohol and nibbles or a cinema trip with my husband. I also like a night in, especially through the winter. There is nothing better than to have the wood burner on, a bowl of favourite pasta and something funny to watch on the tv with my husbands and dogs. Its the simple things in life that actually make me very happy!

So this is my five photos in one day. A very typical day in my life. Remember to search the hashtag #5Photos1Day to find out all the other horse bloggers posts and photos. If you want to take part in future challenges, make sure you come and join the #HorseBloggers Meet Up group on Facebook. Its a super group of equine bloggers from all the world and a great resource especially if you want to start writing your horse’s story. We look forward to seeing you there!


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