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5 Things To Love About Horses And Ponies

A love for a horse is something only every horse owner and rider knows. Here are our top five things that we think are the best things to love about horses:


Riding horses is exhilarating and fun! Some of the best times can be had from growing up as a child around ponies and horses. From the first ride to grooming these beloved equines can give you so much enjoyment for hours on end. The fun doesn’t stop there and once the horse bug has bitten, the fun continues into adulthood for decades. Is there anything more fantastic than galloping across a field on top of a horse! Horses make you laugh (and sometimes cry) but they bring immense joy and fun to your lives.


If you have a friend that shares your equestrian passion, then they will probably be a friend for life! From chatting and drinking a cuppa in the tack room talking all things horse to riding out with friends keeping safe but enjoying the hack you cannot beat. Friends are there to help you with any problems you are having with your horse and you can learn so much from them. With many having their social life behind a computer screen, being at the yard is real and sharing a common equestrian bond is where true friendships are made.


Having horses whether riding or simply looking after them keeps you incredibly fit and active! Whether the sun is shining or the winter rain and snow is lashing down you must be there for your horse every day. From riding to mucking out, this daily exercise keeps you in tip top health and gives you such inner strength. The gym can’t compete with the fun activity having horses can bring. (OK this can be tested in the depths of January in howling wind and rain and fading light….) However, riding your horses on a balmy summers evening, enjoying our lovely countryside is one of the best feelings in the world.


After a stressful day or when times are tough, being with horses relaxes the mind. They are incredibly calming to be around and from simply giving them a good brush, mucking out their stable or simply watching them roll around in their field finishing off with a good gallop and a buck is actually a very relaxing way to give you some calm and outside enjoyment. They can give you so much emotional support which you can also give them when they are stressed and spooked at something. To calm a horse anxieties with your soothing voice and touch is an amazing emotional strength which they feed off too. Horses improve your mood and give much pleasure which is incredibly good for the mind.


No matter how large or small a goal you have when it comes to riding horses, they bring you a massive sense of achievement. It could be something from taking part in your first cross country event to simply riding down a lane on your own with your horse. Horses always give you new experiences and testing times but to get through the problems or these hurdles give you a brilliant feeling that you can accomplish what you sometimes see as impossible.

Finally, there is nothing to beat the love that horses give to you. Their velvet noses hunting out a polo or carrot in your pocket, the whinny they give when they see you approaching their field or stable, the laughs and enjoyment of their funny habits and quirky behaviour. But most of all their smell, touch and the endless hugs they can give you. They really are the most incredible animal…

Written by Samantha Hobden

Image Credit: Haynet