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04 October,2017

5 bits of advice for coping with the grief of losing your horse

When a horse dies, it can be as traumatic and raw for the owner as losing a best friend or family member. But there are ways to lighten the sense of loss, says animal communicator and intuitive healer Zoë Henderson.

1. Give yourself permission to mourn

Sadly, the attitude of some people is that ‘it was just a horse, why are you so upset?’ This is ignorant and unhelpful. There is no such thing as ‘just a…’ when it comes to our animals — who may have been our friends, our companions, our teachers, and our carers and healers. You have every right to be distraught at the loss so allow yourself to mourn, to grieve and cry.

2. In memoriam

Do something of service in your horse’s name. Perhaps a donation to an animal welfare charity, paying for a park bench, or having a tree planted in a public space or wildlife sanctuary. You might also like to have something personal to keep like a piece of jewellery made from your horse’s hair, or getting a horseshoe made into a special keepsake.

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