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18 September,2017

4 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Horsebox

So you’ve been training for some time now and you are thinking of entering your horse in a local or national competition. You’ve gone through all the application processes, you’ve booked your accommodation, now all you need to do is sort out transport for your horse. You can hire a horsebox for a short period of time, or you could invest in one permanently so that you have a horsebox available for any and all competitions in the future. In the long term, if you are looking at entering quite a few shows, purchasing a horsebox to suit your horse is the better option. So, where do we go from here?

Making sure that your horse is safe and comfortable for long term journeys is important, particularly if you are likely going to be entering a lot of competitions across the country. As a result, a decent horsebox is essential, so you need to put some thought into choosing a quality horsebox. Read on for our advice and 4 steps to help you choose the perfect horsebox for your horse.


Room for Growth

1  If you are trying to keep ahead of the curve and purchasing a horsebox while your horse is still relatively young, you will have to think about how big your horse will likely become in the future. You cannot buy a small horsebox and expect it to last for the rest of your horse’s life, particularly if their breed is a large or muscular breed. What is suitable for your horse now may not be suitable in three years’ time, so try to invest for the long term, or hold off your purchase until you have a clearer idea of your horse’s final size and weight.

Another thing; as your horse grows up, they will also get stronger. Horseboxes need to be made of sturdy materials with ample padding in order to keep the horses safe and secure. If you purchase a horsebox at a reduced price with a design for foals, you shouldn’t be surprised if your fully grown stallion can easily kick a good dent in the side nowadays. Invest for the future!


Will it Work in the Long Haul?

2  Perhaps you have only ever travelled short distances before. Perhaps you have always had your horses transported by a professional or you have only ever hired horseboxes before. If you are planning on buying a horsebox, it is essential that it will do the job for any journey whether it is forty minute or four hours long. You don’t want to invest in a horsebox that looks as if it is not suitable for long distance journeys, or that your horse may get restless or otherwise distressed during the journey.  There is no point in purchasing a horsebox that is only suitable for shorter journeys, so take this into account during your search.


How Large/Efficient is the Tack Locker?

3  The tack locker is an important part of your horsebox as it should be large enough to fit all of your extra supplies in, including your saddles and other important equipment. If the tack locker does not provide ample space, it might be a good idea to look at other horseboxes. On any journey, you will want to be fully prepared in the event that something happens, so a well-stocked tack locker should rank fairly high on your list of priorities for the perfect horsebox.


The Safety and Security of Your Horse

4  As any professional rider or trainer will tell you – the safety of your horse is paramount. It is no good booking it to your competition in order to get there in good time if your horse suffers as a result on the way there. Whether you are showing off your horse or competing professionally, the safety of your horse is essential.


When choosing a good horsebox you will want to make sure that there are no sharp edges on the box and that there is enough padding on the walls of the horsebox, to prevent the possibility of an injury occurring even if the horse happens to move around in transit. If you are transporting two or more horses in one horsebox, it is also essential that there are strong partitions with a goods amount of padding on each one, to prevent arguments from breaking out over space or food.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to purchase a horsebox that provides ample storage opportunities and is also safe and secure for your horse. It will do you no good to be frugal with a horsebox as the safety of your animal should be of the highest priority, so it is important that you do your research and pick a box that best suits your horse. Take a chance and splash out, it will serve you far better in the long run!


Article provided by Sara Bryant independent content writer for Sussex and Surrey Horsebox Hire who were consulted over the content. 


Image credit: Lisa Taylor/Foxes Commercials

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