Stopping Rug Wreckers!


In the 2 years I have had Scottie, he has not wrecked rugs! We had a few repariable tears over the bum when he was out with a bit of a bitey horse. But nothing too bad.

But he is now out in a herd where one horse in particular likes to play with Scottie's rug. He pulled scottie's detachable hood off and broke ALL the fastenings, so the rug is now ruined. (Luckily it was only a loveson!) Said pony has since also ripped the tail flap off Scottie's loveson rug. So Scottie is now clipped without a neck or tail flap.

Luckily I do have a 'cheap' version of all my weight rugs. But I don't really want them to all get trashed because of said pony because I really can't afford to be replacing them and don't really want to be having a cold wet horse because I can't put hoods on him.

So does anyone have any tips on how to stop other horses ruining my rugs?

Even Scottie is getting fed up with the pony constantly playing with him. But he's too nice to really tell him off! 

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